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Magic Eyes Tororicchi Sweet and Tight Onahole

Magic Eyes Tororicchi Sweet and Tight Onahole
Magic Eyes Tororicchi Sweet and Tight Onahole
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Say hello to your sexy new anime girlfriend with the Magic Eyes Tororicchi Sweet and Tight Onahole. Made with light, and airy foam materials, she will hug your cock with soft and floaty sensations. Enjoy the taste of barely legal forbidden fruit with this stunning and tighter update on the bestselling Tororicchi Melt Love Onahole by Magic Eyes. This high-end masturbator shrinks down a cute anime teen's torso down to the perfect size for your hand and your cock. The soft entrance with deep folds leads on to a snug, winding section of tunnel encased in a harder material, giving this toy the best of both worlds. It is surely a cock sucker with a weight of 450g!

adult loving|Magic Eyes Tororicchi Sweet and Tight Onahole


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