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Lush 3, one of the world's most popular long-distance remote control vibrators, is popular in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Asia and other places. No matter as far as the North Pole or South Pole, you can remotely control the vibrator on the other side of the earth with your mobile phone. Lush 3 HK is recommended for those who like Long D and thrill!
Lovense Max 2 Electric Masturbator Lovense Max 2 Electric Masturbator
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AUTOMATIC MALE MASTURBATOR: LOVENSE Max 2 Bluetooth male masturbator is an upgraded version. As a result of constant..
HK$ 1,080.00
CONSTANT TEMPERATURE HEATING & DEPTH-CONTROLLED:Just press down the "heat button", you're going to feel the real..
HK$ 898.00
Magnetic charging port for more convenient charging experience. Redesigned antenna and printed circuit board (P..
HK$ 1,006.00