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A wide range of sex toys for men is available at, such as masturbator cups, masturbating sleeves, vibrating masturbators, AV star meiki Onahole, Anime Onahole, lubes etc...

Toys Heart Drift Spiral 471 Onahole
New Pre-order
Grind the engine on your motorbike and get ready to ride the Drift Spiral 471 Onahole. This masturbator toy fea..
HK$ 396.00 HK$458.00
The Lusty Love Onahole replicates the experience of sneaking off to a hot spring resort with a new, nubile..
HK$ 398.00
The Finest Beauty Hole 2 Sora Shiina Masturbator is all about realism, from the shape to the pinkness of t..
HK$ 368.00
Toys Heart Seven Teen Set of Three
New Back Soon
This dual layer, full bodied onahole masturbator recreates the sensual body of a teenaged Japanese virgin aching for..
HK$ 780.00
Magic Eyes Tororicchi Sweet and Tight Onahole
New Back Soon
Say hello to your sexy new anime girlfriend with the Magic Eyes Tororicchi Sweet and Tight Onahole. Made with l..
HK$ 368.00
Meiki Zekkei Kiwami Onahole
New Back Soon
The Meiki Zekkei Kiwami Onahole is a quality masturbator toy from a new mini series born from a collaborat..
HK$ 698.00
Enjoy a very special kind of blow job sensation courtesy of a mouth with pointy teeth thanks to the Kimetsu no ..
HK$ 399.00
New World Otoko no Ko DX She Male Anal Onahole
New Back Soon
Let the new world awaken your true identity! This is a heavy (approximately 2.1 kilograms) anal toy of a she male! C..
HK$ 1,280.00
For the gentlemen out there who like their girls a little bigger, comes this G Project Suji Niku-Man Onahole. A..
HK$ 398.00
Japanese Real Hole Super Body Rara Anzai Onahole
New Back Soon
Ever wish you could join in the action when watching Japanese porn? The Japanese Real Hole Super Body Rara Anza..
HK$ 598.00
Japanese Real Oppai Anzai Rara Paizuri Breasts
New Back Soon
Modelled on a highly detailed 3D scan of the AV industry's hottest young star, the Japanese Real Oppai Anzai Rara Pa..
HK$ 1,880.00
Pururun Kyonyu School Swimsuit Girl Nozomi Ishihara Onahole
Back Soon
Get your hands on your favorite JAV star's body with the Pururun Kyonyu School Swimsuit Girl Nozomi Ishihara On..
HK$ 428.00