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A wide range of sex toys for men is available at, such as masturbator cups, masturbating sleeves, vibrating masturbators, AV star meiki Onahole, Anime Onahole, lubes etc...

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AV Star Modelled vaginas  - perfect model of Japanese AV film star's p..
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Japanese Real Hole Meiki Sumire Mizukawa Masturbator
New Back Soon
The Japanese Real Hole Meiki Sumire Mizukawa Masturbator is a pocket pussy based on the vagina of the Japanese adult video porn star previously known ..
HK$ 258.00
The Gokujo Fera Soft Bite Awesome Tongue Mina Kitano Blowjob Mouth is a superbly made mouth onahole based on the curvy Japanese adult video porn star...
HK$ 268.00
The Cosplayer's Sister Sex Mia Nanasawa Masturbator is a glorious tribute to the slinky body of the Japanese adult video porn star and her immaculate ..
HK$ 258.00
Meow! The Nekomimi Fera Nyan Catgirl Cosplay Mia Nanasawa Blowjob Mouth Onahole is not only based on the beautiful face and mouth of the top Japanese ..
HK$ 268.00
Continuing the reboot of this immensely popular series of Japanese adult video porn star pocket pussy toys, the Meiki no Syoumei File 004 Riho Fujimor..
HK$ 598.00
Student Council President Virgin Onahole
New Back Soon
The Student Council President Virgin Onahole lets you enjoy the sweet and delightful pussy of a virginal Japanese schoolgirl whose innocence..
HK$ 298.00
The 22 Hand Catgirl Pussy and Breasts Onahole invites you to run your hands over the slender waist and tits of a catgirl dressed alluringly in a yukat..
HK$ 388.00
he Adult Video Mini Meiki Aika Yamagishi Onahole is a compact pocket pussy toy based on the slender Japanese porn star. With a prominent pubic mound a..
HK$ 98.00
With her curvy body and beautifully shaped breasts, Japanese porn star Mai Tsubasa has won legions of fans around the world. The Adult Video Mini Meik..
HK$ 98.00
Now you can get closer to experiencing that holy grail with the Adult Video Mini Meiki Nao Jinguji Onahole, a compact stroker with realistically rende..
HK$ 98.00
Just when we thought the Toy's Heart Seven Teen series of JK schoolgirl masturbators couldn't get any better, along comes another entrant in this phen..
HK$ 298.00
The Mashiro-chanchi Ultra-Soft Onanhole is a fabulously soft and voluptuous toy that you can really stretch, pull, and manipulate. The labia..
HK$ 298.00
With love and freedom, TENGA Robo sets off for the cosmos. The pal in your pocket TENGA Robo is ascending to new heights in a mission to outer space...
HK$ 488.00
This unique LED light is made in the shape of TENGA's most popular VACUUM CUP masturbation cup. It is a limited special edition for the 10th anniversa..
HK$ 138.00
The Japanese Real Hole Raw Hana Himesaki Masturbator is set to cement the fame of this up-and-coming porn star, who made her debut in the ad..
HK$ 258.00
If you're one of the thousands of people who call themselves fans of Sumire Mizukawa, you have no doubt seen her in action countless times in her vide..
HK$ 468.00
Made from a detailed 3D scan of the Japanese adult video porn star, the Non Ohana Blowjob by a Goddess Mouth Masturbator continues the succe..
HK$ 468.00
Masturbation is great but things feel even better when you use a powered toy. The Piston Vibration Hole is not only powered, it offers two r..
HK$ 980.00

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