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A wide range of sex toys for men is available at, such as masturbator cups, masturbating sleeves, vibrating masturbators, AV star meiki Onahole, Anime Onahole, lubes etc...

A sequel to the popular Kabe-Jiri buttocks toy, the Kabe-Jiri 2 Real Mimizu-senbiki Vagina Masturbator fea..
HK$ 838.00
Kitsu-man Pocha Max Onahole
New Back Soon
The Kitsu-man Pocha Max is realistically hefty and made with innovative momochi material that evolves with..
HK$ 528.00
The Ria-Man Masturbator features a very pronounced mons pubis and really puts this girl's vaginal lips fro..
HK$ 388.00
The Puni Ana-roid 3 Maid Mouth is the latest update in this bestselling toy series. This time, it's a powe..
HK$ 980.00
Eimi Fukada dressed as a sexy nurse and with her butt up in the air and turned, ready for your entrance. If you are ..
HK$ 328.00
Tsukasa Aoi's natural-seeming beauty and sensual allure never grows old, no matter how many videos she releases or h..
HK$ 600.00
Are you ready for your appointment at the porn clinic? If so, get on the bed and get undressed. The fun's about to s..
HK$ 328.00
NPG Pure Meiki Ichika Matsumoto
New Back Soon
Japanese porn star Ichika Matsumoto is immensely popular for her pure schoolgirl looks and this Pure Meiki Ichika Ma..
HK$ 560.00
TENGA, one of Japan's largest men's health care and supplies brands, has launched a revolutionary new product-"TENGA..
HK$ 100.00
Japan's well-known masturbator cup Tenga brand has launched a special cup chocolate. The appearance is the same as t..
HK$ 100.00
The Angel Puruman Soft Skin is for the guy who likes his ladies with super soft and floppy bodies. This ma..
HK$ 398.00 HK$498.00
Introducing Succu Dry Sex in a Can from Fleshlight, the worlds first vampire inspired sex toy for men. Take a walk o..
HK$ 698.00