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Foreplay Products

Using foreplay products can increase the stimulation and pleasure of sexual activity, making it more enjoyable and exciting. Foreplay products include massage oils, adult toys, erotic clothing, aromatherapy, etc., which can stimulate sensitive areas, enhance physical sensations, and create a romantic and erotic atmosphere. In addition, pheromone products, bubble bath products, sex games, and erotic candles are also common foreplay products that can add fun and excitement to sexual activity. When using foreplay products, it is important to choose appropriate products and follow the instructions for safe and hygienic use.

Sometimes women can be difficult to achieve climax in sex. Try one of those..
Sex games are products designed to increase sexual pleasure and excitement,..
Delay Spray - Works proactively and effectively against premature ejaculati..
Erotic massage is the perfect way to connect physically and emotionally, as..
Pheromones are chemical substances secreted by the human body, primarily fo..
Bath Gel and Salt for intimate fun. Bath salts are water-soluble, pulv..
Candles can be used to help set an erotic atmosphere and can be used in sex..

Latest Foreplay

2023 Xmas Sale Gift Set Foreplay 加拿大 春画 Shunga 迷你情趣按摩蠟燭如果您想為放鬆按摩創造完美的環境,加拿大 春画 Shunga 迷你情趣按摩蠟燭就是您的不二之選!這款 1 盎司香味精美的蠟燭具有雙重用途;用令人愉悅的芳香混合物為房間增香,並用作溫熱的按摩..
HK$ 499.00 HK$754.00
Relove True Tight - Endorsed by VOGUE and COSMOPOLITAN, utilizing professional PRP technology for rapid absorption in just 3 minutes, offering elastic..
HK$ 550.00
Orgie Orgasm Drops Kissable 2 An upgraded female arousal enhancement formula infused with botanical essences, designed to combat low libido and ignite..
HK$ 188.00
Man Soul Men's Vigour Care Wipes - Four in One: Experience a night pulsating with energy and desire. Super-concentrated physical technology water mole..
HK$ 148.00
Experience the close-fitting sensation of a young girl's contraction and tremble, with a snug and narrow design for a unique new experience. Nourish a..
HK$ 148.00
Taiwanese brand Nan Hun new product Intimate Lubrication Capsules for Women - Blow can make sex more comfortable and create sparks! There are 2 packs ..
HK$ 148.00
Taiwanese brand Nan Hun new product Intimate Lubrication Capsules for Women - Tide can make sex more comfortable and create sparks! There are 2 packs ..
HK$ 148.00
Man's Soul Men's Vitality Moist Wipes - Fire (On-Set Tough Guy)Indulge in an entire night of pride, desire, and intensity. Our product offers a refres..
HK$ 128.00
Explore Nan Hun Men's Vitality Wet Wipes - Mountain (For Homosexuals). Just like a sharp sword, your pride is our concern. Our product helps you maint..
HK$ 128.00
Explore Nan Hun Men's Vitality Wet Wipes - Lin (Personal Use), where self-training cultivates ideal confidence! No more stuffy itchiness or unusual ur..
HK$ 128.00
Nan Hun Men's Vitality Moisturizing Wipes Wind Quick Delay
Back Soon
Nan Hun Men's Vitality Moisturizing Wipes - Wind, designed specifically for men's quick delay. Utilizing unique physical technology for rapid molecula..
HK$ 128.00
Eros Delay Power Concentrate is a delay gel for men that has no numbing ingredients. After applying to the penis, it forms an invisible film that redu..
HK$ 158.00
Eros Anti Aging Lifting Tightening Gel is a product specifically designed for women's intimate areas, especially suitable for women in need of vaginal..
HK$ 158.00
The Power Stimulation are specially developed gels and concentrates that leave nothing to be desired. Hot Power Stimulation Gel is a warming and excit..
HK$ 158.00
Whether water-based, silicone-based or - as a whole - as a hybrid, the new EROS Powerline offers the best lubricity thanks to the best formulas. The h..
HK$ 158.00
Germany EROS Hot Massage Oil: trace thermal warmth of heart and soul to bring you a trace of lubrication to bring you all his love!! Silky smooth t..
HK$ 128.00
Male Ejaculation Delay Organic gel The water base and ingredients of natural origin won’t interfere with the material of condoms and/or toys. Come i..
HK$ 158.00
Play and Joy Oral Sex Gel Strawberry 15ml: The world's first food-grade lubricant, produced in a food factory. In addition to adding flavor, interest ..
HK$ 78.00