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Coupon & Reward Points

Everytime you placed an order above HK$200 with us (including Shop Purchases), you will receive a discount coupon, valid for 3 months. During this period, you may use the coupon to deduct its value on your next order above an amount designated on the coupon.

Coupons have face value of HK$ 20, 30, 50 and 100, issued according to the spending level of your order. Coupon is issued automatically when we have processed your order and printed on your receipt. Please log into our website and follow the simple steps below to check your coupons:

adultloving Coupon & Reward Points

Check Order Details

adultloving rewards

Check Coupon Information

adultloving reward points

As show in the above image, you have a HK$100 coupon, valid until 10 August 2015. You may use this coupon on purchase over HK$500. The code of the coupon is the 13 digits followed by the word "CODE:".

Apply and Use Your Coupon

When you check out, on the "Check Out" page, there is a column called "Coupon / Reward", simply enter your coupon code to use!

adultloving coupon rewards

How to Use Reward Points

As shown in the picture above, there is a column called "Coupon / Reward", simply enter the points you wish to apply to the order. This area is hidden if there are no reward points in your account.

View Reward Points

Log in using your email/mobile and password, you will be directed to the Membership Home page. Find a Link labelled "Your Reward Points", simply click that to view the history of the reward point records.

Redeem your Reward Points at our Stores

To ensure the safe use of Point Redemption offline, members must log into the Membership Homepage, choose "Your Reward Points". You may enter the points you'd like to redeem at the store, click the button "Get QRcode", then simply hand over the QRcode at the cashier.

Reward points can be obtained if you buy at our stores. And you may also redeem those points when buying offline too. Please refer to this article for detailed instructions: Use Reward Point at adult loving store