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Magic Eyes

The Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo Premium Soft is a follow-up onahole to the Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo, a we..
HK$ 468.00
The Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo Premium Hard is a much-anticipated follow-up to the original Magic Eyes Suj..
HK$ 468.00
Enjoy the "Virgin Roses" structure of this floral-themed, soft masturbator as you thrust deep inside the tight pink ..
HK$ 388.00
Following its bestselling predecessor from top Japanese adult toys brand Magic Eyes, the La Bocca Della Verita ..
HK$ 368.00
Designed in the Magic Eyes brand's proprietary Love Rubber Skin material with added silver ions for a powerful antib..
HK$ 288.00
Otome Chiniku Shameful Flesh Virgin Sujiman Kupa Evolution
Back Soon
The Otome Chiniku Shameful Flesh Virgin Sujiman Kupa Evolution onahole caters to fans of big (biraman) and..
HK$ 388.00
Complete with plump lips and a realistically textured pink pussy hole, the Dokusen Nikkan Exclusive Flesh Feeli..
HK$ 398.00
After the success of the prior Sujiman Kupa anime onaholes, adult toy manufacturer Magic Eyes has blessed us with ye..
HK$ 238.00
The latest iteration of the Sujiman Kupa series lets you choose between two adventures: a soft "Mattari" version or ..
HK$ 238.00
The success of the Magic Eyes Sujiman Kupa series is not a surprise: these tight anime virgin girl masturbators come..
HK$ 398.00
This devilishly good masturbator will make you say "hell yeah" whenever you use it - after all, it comes with the un..
HK$ 318.00
Carry your bride over your doorstep and welcome her to an exciting wedding night in your bedroom! The Pure Brid..
HK$ 2,980.00