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Cleaning and Care

Cleansing & Hygiene - Proper cleaning of sex toys is essential to avoid bacterial infection

"How to Clean and Maintain Sex Toys" is a delicate matter. Using the wrong ..
How to properly store toys is crucial. Avoid direct sunlight and high tempe..
Proper maintenance is essential for any toy to ensure long-lasting use. Aft..

Latest Cleansing

Simply insert it into your freshly washed masturbator!This is a specially designed stick-type quick-drying sponge, specifically crafted to swiftly abs..
HK$ 58.00
G Project Hole Quick Dry Stick 2pcs
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Get a great deal with a two-pack! Simple and efficient, just insert the diatomite stick into your toy and give it a rub for instant dryness!!! The "G ..
HK$ 238.00
Magic Eyes Magic Stick
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This is a dedicated PVA stick, designed in an elliptical shape for water absorption. After drying, it can be used repeatedly to keep your items clean...
HK$ 88.00
Female Aroma Onahole Maintenance Powder
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Sprinkle the Female Aroma Adult Toy Maintenance Powder onto your adult toys after cleaning and drying them to prevent the onset of tackiness..
HK$ 98.00
Dry Stick Standard and Stand Set Diatomite For Onaholes
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The Dry Stick Standard and Stand Set includes a highly absorbent keisodo (diatomite or diatomaceous earth) stick for sliding inside your mas..
HK$ 98.00
The Dry Stick Uterus is a handy drying stick for maintaining your pocket pussy toys. The stick ends in a round tip that fits inside the uter..
HK$ 68.00
Dry Stick Spiral Diatomite For Onaholes
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The Dry Stick Spiral is a highly absorbent keisodo (diatomite or diatomaceous earth) item for drying deep inside your masturbator toys. The ..
HK$ 68.00
Dry Stick Standard Diatomite For Onaholes
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The Dry Stick Standard is a highly absorbent stick for drying deep inside your masturbator toys, thanks to the generous length and the keiso..
HK$ 58.00
Sliquid Shine Toy Cleaner is 100% free of DEA, gluten, glycerin, glycol, parabens, PEG, propylene glycol, sorbitol, and sulfates. It is also 100% veg..
HK$ 128.00
POWERMAN Intimate Wash is made of hyaluronic acid-base and is a pure and mild water-soluble cleaning and conditioning cream. Daily use of the product ..
HK$ 249.00
Do your sex toys have sensitive surfaces? This is no problem with EROS All Purpose Cleaner. Thanks to its alcohol-free composition, this hygienic clea..
HK$ 78.00
The UV-C Onahole Warmer is here to ensure your pocket pussy toys are just the right temperature deep inside, while also helping to maintain and disinf..
HK$ 498.00
Iroha Item Cleaner 50ml
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Maintain your toys and your personal hygiene with the Iroha Item Cleaner for Vibrators. This gentle foaming cleanser contains silver ions and iso..
HK$ 118.00
Made by leading Japanese adult brand G Project, the Hole Clean Shower Masturbator Toy Cleaner comes with two attachments to allow use with e..
HK$ 258.00
What's the secret to having a better, longer-lasting collection of masturbator toys? Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. And with the G Projec..
HK$ 358.00
Arcwave Toy Cleaner formulated to keep your toys fresh and hygienic. The official Arcwave Toy Cleaner for the best experience with Arcwave products. T..
HK$ 168.00
Another toy maintenance item from adult brand G Project and lube maker Pepee, the G Project Pepee Onahole Cleaner for Oil-based Lubricants i..
HK$ 128.00
G Project Pepee Onahole Cleaner for Water-based Lubricants
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The G Project Pepee Onahole Cleaner for Water-based Lubricants is an anti-bacterial cleaning agent that helps you maintain your masturbator ..
HK$ 128.00