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岡本全新打造 再次挑戰世界之最薄!超薄更薄 高品質 貼身享受岡本0.01 全新登陸,讓你體驗最新的 愛愛體驗有儲精囊設計採用新型聚氨酯材質 更加強韌 比乳膠的抗壓力增加3-5倍 絕對安全保障導熱速度更加明顯 更加有肌膚的感覺而且可以搭配油性潤滑劑和水溶性潤滑劑使用新型聚氨酯 材質 與人體肌膚相融合 不會發生過敏現象哦日本製造 大碼 日本本土銷售版100%【品牌】岡本【產品特點】巔峰之作 無敵超薄【尺寸】大碼【數量】 3片【產地】日本日本引入..
All people are waiting for the release of new design of popular product - "Rilakkuma" in 2013!Popular among OL and Housewife, from age of 10 to 40. It is well known for its remedy to females. The "Rilakkuma" is now on board.Recently, even male fans for "Rilakkuma" has increased dramatically!This cut..
6 Pcs- Widen Tip Design:Dia. 38/36mm;- Thickness 0.02mm- Made in JapanJapan Reg. No.: 21700BZZ00193A02..
Okamoto 0.03 L Size 10PCS
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This is the large size version of Okamoto condoms. It is so thin that it feels like nothing! Made of latex, plain and smooth surface, normal shape and water based lubricated.- L size- Diameter is 35mm- Made of latex- Normal shape- Plain surface- Water based lubricatedMade in Japan..
This condom can fulfill your two desires. It is very thin and with hot type lubricating jelly to let you enjoy your stimulating night. Traditional classic shape. Made of natural rubber.- super thin- traditional classic shape- with hot type lubricating jelly- made of natural rubberMade in Japan..
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