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Anal Toys

Anal Toys - anal sex experience, gathered the most sensitive nerves on anus, just flirt and stimulate with anal beads, anal plug or other anal teasers.

Pumps up thick & plump - conveniently at the touch of a button! Ideally shaped Vibro-Analplug RC Inflatable Plug..
HK$ 898.00
Exciting Anal Stimulation by German Anos!Anos Metal Cage Butt Plug 3.8 cm features a sophisticated hollow design tha..
HK$ 198.00
Anos Metal Butt Plug Set In Rainbow Colours from Germany, a set of two different anal plugs, smooth and seamless met..
HK$ 398.00
Spotty RC 2 is a prostate massager with remote control, providing you more freedom and play options for your partner..
HK$ 1,180.00
Mesuochi Back Vibe 10 Vibrating Anal Washer
Back Soon
Kill two birds with one stone thanks to the Mesuochi Back Vibe 10 Vibrating Anal Washer. Prepare your ass for a..
HK$ 598.00
Mesuochi Back Vibe 9 Finger Shake
Back Soon
The Mesuochi Back Vibe 9 Finger Shake features two integrated vibrators offering nine vibration patterns a..
HK$ 558.00
Achieve those dry orgasms you've always dreamed of having with the Mesuochi Back Vibe 9 Zenritsu Knock Anal Vib..
HK$ 498.00
Stimulates prostate and perineum at the same time!Perfectly shaped anal vibrator RC Prostate Plug with Vibration fro..
HK$ 598.00
Stimulates the anus and prostate! The easy-to-use, small and compact Prostate Plug with Vibration from ANOS is a per..
HK$ 498.00
The small, compact, powerful plug for the backdoor! The Butt Plug with Vibration from ANOS is a wonderful shape and..
HK$ 398.00
The Waterproof Remote Climax Heated Anal Vibrator with Penis Rings offers backdoor pleasure that induces a..
HK$ 598.00
Anos Vibrating Anal Beads
Back Soon
Anos Vibrating Anal Beads are for hot anal pleasure!Anal Beads with Vibration from ANOS is in a bead design and has ..
HK$ 498.00

Experiencing anal toys brings new pleasurable sensations.

Anal toys are the perfect choice for modern enthusiasts exploring new frontiers, designed specifically for those seeking stronger sensations and deeper levels of sexual pleasure. Our anal toys are made from high-quality materials that can satisfy your needs and expectations, providing you with a unique and exciting experience.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, our anal toys can meet your needs. They are exquisitely designed to perfectly adapt to your body, with different sizes and shapes to meet the needs of different users. Whether you want to explore anal stimulation or enjoy a deeper level of orgasm, our anal toys can help you achieve your desires.

It is necessary to use anal lubricant when using anal toys.

The benefit of using anal lubricant is to reduce pain and discomfort. The anus does not naturally produce lubrication, so without lubrication, using anal toys can cause discomfort and pain. Lubricant can reduce these discomforts and make using anal toys more comfortable.

Anal lubricant can also reduce friction and abrasion. When using anal toys, insufficient lubrication can cause damage to the toy and anus, leading to infections and diseases. Anal lubricant can reduce these damages and abrasions, thereby protecting the anus and the product being used.

When selecting anal lubricant, ensure that it is compatible with the product being used. Lubricants can be water-based, silicone-based, or oil-based. Some lubricants may damage certain materials, so check the ingredients of the anal lubricant to ensure compatibility with the product being used. If unsure, it is best to choose water-based lubricants as they are usually the most widely used. Using anal lubricant can protect butt plugs, anal beads, prostate vibrators, and the anus, making the whole experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

When using anal plugs, anal beads, and prostate vibrators, it's important to clean your anus beforehand.

This is because the area around the anus is full of bacteria, and if it's not cleaned properly, these bacteria can enter your body and cause unnecessary health problems.

To clean effectively, you can use specialized cleaning tools like enemas or anal douches. Enemas are usually a bulb-shaped object with a water nozzle that can be used to inject water to clean the rectum. Anal douches, on the other hand, are like oversized syringes with a silicone tube that can be inserted into the anus for cleaning.

Once you've chosen the appropriate cleaning tool, you can begin the cleaning process. Start by filling the anus with clean water and then expelling the water. This process can be repeated 1-3 times until the expelled water is free of any debris.

Aside from using specialized cleaning tools, you can also manually clean your anus using soap and water. However, it's important to choose a mild soap to avoid irritating the sensitive skin around the anus. Additionally, be sure to avoid using alcohol and other harsh cleaning agents, as they can cause burning sensations and unnecessary discomfort.

Cleaning your anus is an important step to take before using anal toys. Only with proper cleaning can you ensure your safety and hygiene.

How to choose the right anal toys for yourself

Choosing the Right Size for Anal Toys

Size is an important factor to consider when choosing anal toys. Generally speaking, larger sizes can provide more expansion and increase sexual pleasure. However, sizes that are too big can cause pain and discomfort, making it difficult for users to enjoy the experience. On the other hand, sizes that are too small can increase the risk of the toy slipping out during use, potentially affecting the user's safety and health. Additionally, choosing the wrong size can also increase the risk of damaging the anal and rectal tissues, leading to unnecessary health issues. To choose the right size, users should first measure their own body size and select anal toys that match their size. Choosing the right size ensures a safe, comfortable, and satisfying sexual experience.

Choosing the Right Shape for Anal Toys

In addition to size, the shape of anal toys is also an important factor to consider when choosing. Some anal toys have a smoother shape, making them easy to insert and comfortable for beginners. Other shapes may be more twisted and require more experience and skill to use. Certain shapes of anal toys can stimulate different sensitive areas, such as the prostate or G-spot. When choosing a shape, consider your needs and experience, and you can also refer to other people's reviews or recommendations. However, the ultimate decision should be based on your own feelings. When using anal toys, it is also important to use appropriate lubrication to ensure comfort and safety.

Choosing the Right Material for Anal Toys

The material of anal toys is also an important factor to consider when choosing. Different materials have different textures and sensations, providing different feelings and experiences during use. Silicone products are soft and comfortable, easy to bend and adapt to the body, making them ideal for beginners. Glass and metal products are hard and smooth, providing different weights and temperature sensations, and can provide different types of stimulation and enjoyment. However, they require more skill and attention during use and are suitable for more experienced users. Therefore, please choose the material that is suitable for your preferences, needs, and experience. At the same time, when using anal toys, please follow the product instructions, properly maintain and clean the product to ensure safe and hygienic use.