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Anime Buttocks

This sex toy mimics the buttocks of anime characters, which is undoubtedly a unique enjoyment for friends who appreciate the beauty of buttocks. The soft material and realistic texture design are all for giving you the most real experience.

"The Petite Girl Research Institute" has, after countless endeavors, successfully created a lifelike experience devi..
HK$ 2,980.00
The Puni Ana DX Onahole Upgraded Material just got better. The toy boasts two amazing holes (vagina and an..
HK$ 1,280.00
Are you a top or a bottom? Do you like traps? Or are you just a bit curious about ladyboys? The Haitokukan DX A..
HK$ 1,280.00
Meiki Daizekkei Abundant Body Onahole
Back Soon
The Meiki Daizekkei Abundant Body is an immaculately crafted masturbator toy with hips and beautifully sha..
HK$ 1,380.00
Meiki Zekkei Kiwami Onahole
Back Soon
The Meiki Zekkei Kiwami Onahole is a quality masturbator toy from a new mini series born from a collaborat..
HK$ 698.00
Real Body 3D Bone System Huge Breasts Kanon Kitaoji Real Body 3D Bone System Huge Breasts Kanon Kitaoji
Back Soon
The Real Body 3D Bone System Huge Breasts Kanon Kitaoji features a spine for extra torso rigidity, allowin..
HK$ 4,280.00
SSI Art Series Maid Cafe Buttocks Onahole is made of very flexible and soft material! Give you real butt texture!Des..
HK$ 1,280.00
The Real Body 3D Bone System Chubby Mayu Mochida perfectly recreates an original character produced by an ..
HK$ 3,980.00
The Puni Virgin 3200 Onahole offers the tight pussy of an inexperienced schoolgirl who sorely needs a stro..
HK$ 1,950.00
Real Body 3D Bone System Anja Kiljan
Back Soon
Dreaming of a sporty girl with big breasts? The Real Body 3D Bone System Anja Kiljan will give you all you..
HK$ 3,380.00
This kinky magical girl will immediately enchant you with her utterly fantastic (and fantastical) body! The Rea..
HK$ 3,380.00
The Real Body 3D Bone System Sex Doll Glamorous Bust You Youjiang is a 1/1-scale torso doll-masturbator to..
HK$ 3,380.00