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EXE Haitokukan DX Anal Masturbator with Penis

EXE Haitokukan DX Anal Masturbator with Penis
EXE Haitokukan DX Anal Masturbator with Penis
Available Online   可使用 64000 積分購買
  • EXE   型號 130365
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Are you a top or a bottom? Do you like traps? Or are you just a bit curious about ladyboys? The Haitokukan DX Anal Masturbator with Penis lets you explore the world of Japanese femboys: this slender, feminine body nonetheless boasts an erect penis, complete with veins along the shaft, a cute glans, and two balls. You can slide yourself into his sweet ass and enjoy fucking him while stroking or sucking his cock (and squeezing and massaging the soft body). Or you can be on the receiving end: insert his beautiful curving member into your ass (or vagina if you have one) and ride him hard.

EXE Haitokukan DX Anal Masturbator with Penis - Adult Loving


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