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Silicon Based Lubricant

Silicone lubricant is a type of lubricant made from silicone oil. Its main advantage is that it can provide long-lasting lubrication, as silicone oil is a non-water-soluble substance that can maintain its lubricating effect for a long time without the need for frequent reapplication. In addition, compared to other lubricants, silicone lubricant does not leave residue on the skin or bed sheets after use, as it is not compatible with water and cannot be washed away by water, making it more convenient and less messy. Moreover, silicone lubricant is also suitable for use with toys made from rubber and silicone, as it does not damage these materials and provides a smooth surface for a smoother experience. However, it should be noted that silicone lubricant is not suitable for use with silicone condoms, as it can break down the structure of the silicone and render the condom ineffective.

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