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Condoms, the most commonly used in our sex life, provide the most essential but very important security.

Jex Super Hold Type Latex Condom 8pcs, Fit design to bring closer contact!31 mm in diameter: High quality jelly lubr..
HK$ 58.00
Condoms made by Mister Size provide a safe and natural feeling. The comfort and the sensual intensity is very highly..
HK$ 298.00
From the era of thinness to the era of smoothness like bare skin. By adopting polyisoprene technology, it achieves a..
HK$ 78.00
Sagami original thinnest ever 0.01 mm L sizeThe thickness of sagami original 0.01 is just 18 microns (measured by st..
HK$ 148.00
Inheriting the ultra-thin craftsmanship of Zero Zero Three, this product is added with aloe vera lubricant. After to..
HK$ 98.00
The Japanese version of Okamoto makes the best fit Mega Big Boy XL condoms, 46mm diameter large tight condoms. A com..
HK$ 98.00
Jex Glamourous Butterfly Strawberry Condom 6pcs: Full of Bliss and Sweet Love, Candy Flavored Condom! Exudes sweet s..
HK$ 38.00
Success the popularity of Okamoto Zero Zero Three, ultra fine latex condom technology, this item now uses 0.5% of "S..
HK$ 128.00
NPG Magic Finger Skin 01 Protrusion Nubs
Back Soon
Add an extra level of stimulation to your digital stimulation with the Magic Finger Skin 01 Special Nub Sleeve...
HK$ 68.00
The Magic Finger Skin 02 Double Pleasure Protrusions slips onto your digit and adds extra stimulation as y..
HK$ 68.00
NPG Magic Finger Skin 03 Protrusion Nubs
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Add some extra stimulation to your manual self-pleasure with the Magic Finger Skin 03 Protrusion Nubs. This fin..
HK$ 68.00
Okamoto Nyanbo Condoms Jelly 12pcs
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When looking for cute patterns to put on condom wrappings, what would be more appropriate than cute cats? The O..
HK$ 38.00