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A treat for his member! Skin-friendly penis care spray for long and steamy nights that contains nourishing jojoba an..
HK$ 189.00
Hybrid lubricant based on silicone and water that also includes cannabis plant extract in its composition. Thanks to..
HK$ 179.00
Do your sex toys have sensitive surfaces? This is no problem with EROS All Purpose Cleaner. Thanks to its alcohol-fr..
HK$ 108.00
EROS Aqua Sensations Care (30ml) for women is a premium water-based lubricant that is glycerin free and has skin-car..
HK$ 148.00
water based lubricantAre you in the mood for slippery fun? EROS Aqua Sensations is a water-based lubricant for a ple..
HK$ 120.00
Eros Prolong 101 man is a care spray for prolonged an intense enjoyment during love play. Refreshes and is gentle to..
HK$ 210.00
Top Level 3: EROS Extended Love Top Level 3 ensures very long-lasting fun during loveplay.The care spray makes ..
HK$ 238.00
EROS Relax Woman (30ml) is an anal relaxation spray.Backdoor funEROS Relax Woman reduces the painful sensitivity of ..
HK$ 258.00
Anal pleasure without pain.Finally relaxed anal sex! The anal relaxing spray Eros Explorer Man relaxing in no time. ..
HK$ 248.00