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ALL PURPOSE CLEANERwithout alcoholDo your sex toys have sensitive surfaces? This is no problem with EROS All Purpose Cleaner. Thanks to its alcohol-free composition, this hygienic cleaning spray is ideal for gently cleaning and caring for erotic toys with sensitive surfaces. Prolong the life of your..
EROS Aqua Sensations Care (30ml) for women is a premium water-based lubricant that is glycerin free and has skin-caring ingredients such as aloe vera and panthenol.Prolong your funAre you looking for a water-based lubricant especially designed to meet your needs as a woman? Aqua Sensation & Care..
water based lubricantAre you in the mood for slippery fun? EROS Aqua Sensations is a water-based lubricant for a pleasantly moist/cooling experience. Not only does our lubricant enhance glide quality, it also moisturises and is therefore good for the skin. No more sticky traces on your body! Aqua Se..
Eros Prolong 101 man is a care spray for prolonged an intense enjoyment during love play. Refreshes and is gentle to the skin without loss of sensation. Application: Apply 1-3 sprays of Eros Prolong 101 man evenly to the penis and glans, rub in and wait briefly. If desired, lubricant can then be app..
EROS Extended Love Top Level 3 ensures very long-lasting fun during loveplay.The care spray makes sexual intercourse an even more intense experience and keeps the penis supple, without loss of sensation. EROS Extended Love Top Level refreshes the body and has been dermatologically tested for skin an..
EROS Relax Woman (30ml) is an anal relaxation spray.Backdoor funEROS Relax Woman reduces the painful sensitivity of the sphincter, so that couples can enjoy passionate anal fun. This spray works on the basis of natural ingredients and does not cause a loss of the sensation. EROS Relax Woman, can be ..
Anal pleasure without pain.Finally relaxed anal sex! The anal relaxing spray Eros Explorer Man relaxing in no time. Eros has developed a unique formula specifically for the needs in the area of man's anus. With a coolness in the anal area, the spray helps easy penetration without losing sensitivity...
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