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Eros Long Stay Silicone Glide Lubricant 100ml

Eros Long Stay Silicone Glide Lubricant 100ml
Eros Long Stay Silicone Glide Lubricant 100ml
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  • Eros   型號 231005
  • 保質期至: 2027/11

Are you a man in search of a lubricant that's specially tailored to meet your needs? EROS has just the right thing for you: Long Stay Silicone Glide with sacha inchi oil. The Incas first discovered the oil-rich nut from which this oil is produced. They've been cultivating these increasingly important nuts for thousands of years. Recent research has shown that they contain a "molecule of happiness". Combined with our time-tested silicone ingredients, this unique formula improves the suppleness of your penis, while prolonging enjoyment. Look forward to prolonged fun and complete glide pleasure that leaves your skin feeling soft! Silicone is referred to as the "Rolls Royce" of all lubricants, nothing glides on smoother and lasts longer than silicone-based lubricants. Due to its high silicone concentration you need only apply a small amount. Eros Long Stay Silicone Glide Lube leaves a gentle silky feeling on your skin, and are safe to use with latex condoms, and provide for intimate massages, foreplay, intercourse, or any kind of bedroom activity you can think up! Compared to regular massage oils, baby oils etc., silicone-based lubricants are also suitable for safe internal and external usage. Its special formula, based on the time-tested EROS silicone quality but with a slightly thicker texture, makes anal intercourse great fun! For extremely long-lasting glide quality that leaves your skin feeling smooth.

Eros Long Stay Silicone Glide Lubricant 100ml - Adult Loving


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