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Formulated with active ingredients of plants from the Amazon rainforest, delivers vibrating sensations on the lips a..
HK$ 198.00
Long-lasting lubrication effect for increased pleasure. Lube Tube Nature is a water-based intimate gel formulated w..
HK$ 118.00
Intimate Gel with Cannabis Sativa Oil and Cannabis original flavor and aroma for enhanced pleasure and intimacy. Lu..
HK$ 168.00
Orgie Sexy Vibe Intense Orgasm relaxes the body and improves sensitivity on the intimate areas for increased sexual ..
HK$ 228.00
Sexual pheromone is a set of odorless and imperceptible substances produced by the body that, when released, promote..
HK$ 328.00
Sensfeel For Man Pheromone Perfume – Exhale Attraction Sexual pheromone is a set of odorless and imperceptible s..
HK$ 328.00
Lube Tube flavored is a water-based kissable intimate gel with a delightful chocolate flavor and scent that it is al..
HK$ 168.00
The new Orgasm Drops Vibe! brings the same effects of its original product: sensitizes the clitoris, promotes an ini..
HK$ 188.00
Noriplay Ultra Slide gel formulated with Seaweed extract delivers the perfect texture and super sliding effect to pe..
HK$ 348.00
Noriplay Energizer gel formulated with Seaweed extract and enriched with Ginkgo Biloba and Ginseng delivers the perf..
HK$ 348.00
Touro XXXL - Taurine Power Cream is unique and better than other gels to potentiate erections. Its formula contains ..
HK$ 198.00
Hemp! Intense Orgasm was developed to promote an electrifying vibrating effect with slight heating and cooling sensa..
HK$ 288.00