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Obsessive is a Polish brand of sensual, sexy and elegant lingerie for women. The company was founded 15 years ago. Currently, our products are well known across almost all continents. Thanks to our international partners, they can be purchased in over 60 countries – from Italy to the United Arab Emirates. In Poland, Obsessive is available in as many as 700 partner stores.
Introducing the Obsessive Pheromone Bath Bomb in Fruit Scent, a sensory delight for your bath time. Made in Poland, ..
HK$ 58.00
Are you feeling a tiny bit mischievous? Well, soon you can make this naughty dream a reality with the Obsessive Pher..
HK$ 58.00
Immerse yourself in the woody scent of the Obsessive Pheromone Bath Bomb, transforming each bathing moment into an e..
HK$ 58.00