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Sagami Original 0.02 L-size Pack PU Condom
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0.02 that change your life! Non-latex condom. The new breakthrough of softness in sagami original 0.02.Compared with the first generation of sagami original 0.02 in 2005, this new generation is thinner and softer and a further step towards the making of 0.01 condom. With our measurement, this is the..
Sagami 0.09 Dots 3's Pack Latex Condom
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Longer fight OK! Think of satisfying her! Enjoy the moment of two persons slowly.Thickness of 0.09mm + sensation of super dots...
Sagami 0.09 Natural 10's Pack Latex Condom
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Thick type 0.09mm, it is the longest record in our history. Thanks to the relax system, the headroom shape is now more comfortable.Material with thickness of 0.09mm is used. Since the headroom is now bigger, there is no tightening feeling so you can enjoy a longer play.The individual pack is printed..
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