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Sagami and Okamoto are both leading global manufacturers. It is recommended that 0.01 condoms, which are thinner than the hair and look like they are not worn, are sold all over the world.
Features of New sagami original 0.0214% thinner than 1st generation (measured by standard of Sagami)Non-latex.It is ..
HK$ 88.00
Sagami 0.02 5PCS Life changes! Sagami original 002!It is not a conventional rubber but a highly biocompatible polyur..
HK$ 78.00
0.02 that change your life! Non-latex condom. The new breakthrough of softness in sagami original 0.02. 14% thinner..
HK$ 108.00
Sagami 0.09 Dots 3's Pack Latex Condom
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Longer fight OK! Think of satisfying her! Enjoy the moment of two persons slowly.A lot of bumps are attached to the ..
HK$ 28.00
Sagami 0.09 Natural 10's Pack Latex Condom
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Thick type 0.09mm, it is the longest record in our history. Thanks to the relax system, the headroom shape is now mo..
HK$ 78.00
The thickness of sagami original 0.01 is just 18 microns (measured by standard of Sagami).3X stronger than latex con..
HK$ 88.00