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Boasting a realistic weight of 2 kg (4.4 lbs), the S-Rank Momo Mochi 2000 Onahole is a seriously hefty and high-grade hips masturbator. Its shape expertly imitates the look and feel of a Japanese schoolgirl's perfect ass, thanks to an extra gel cushion: you will simply love squeezing and s..
The Okuchi Motion Small Mouth Blow Job Onahole features some real innovations when it comes to oral sex fetish masturbator toys. It is equipped with two skeletal plates that serve two purposes. For one, they make the feeling and stimulation of the tight blow job feel even more realistic. S..
新的噱頭被PPP玩耍採用了!刺激度不會減少的飛機杯!Trick Play出現了。在傳統的飛機杯中,插入後,飛機杯內的紋路會因您插入後而擴張,令到刺激幾乎減少。所以他的出現就是為解決這個問題而開發的。由於插入時發生的內部擴展,隱藏的擴展從左側和右側彈出的新肉粒,您可以充分品嚐前所未有的刺激。..
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