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Introducing the Nipple Clamp Vibrating Egg - a discreet yet exhilarating adult toy that adds a new level of exciteme..
HK$ 398.00
In pursuit of absolute realism, this Japanese-made simulator, crafted from premium domestic artificial skin, offers ..
HK$ 298.00
In pursuit of unparalleled realism, this Japan-made simulated phallus is crafted from advanced artificial skin mater..
HK$ 278.00
In pursuit of the ultimate realism, this simulated device, made in Japan using artificial skin material, employs adv..
HK$ 228.00
Enjoy high-quality, high-performance self-love sessions on demand with the Screw Piston Hole Powered Masturbator. Ch..
HK$ 980.00
PPP Mesuochi Back Vibe9 offers a new dimension of exploration, with its 360-degree rotating feature designed specifi..
HK$ 588.00
PPP Mesuochi Back Vibe 30
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Experience unparalleled intense prostate orgasms with our newly launched second-generation "PPP Mesuochi Back Vibe30..
HK$ 688.00
Embark on a journey of sensational discovery with the revolutionary backdoor self-pleasure vibrator launched by PPP!..
HK$ 438.00
Discover a new realm of sexual pleasure with this advanced electric masturbator. Equipped with 9 telescopic modes an..
HK$ 980.00
The next-generation piston vibrator, delivering an experience as real as it gets, has finally debuted! Specifically ..
HK$ 628.00
Deep sensations for an unparalleled experience.Introducing the PPP Piston Fxxk Mesuochi Back Vibe, a next-gen anal v..
HK$ 558.00
PPP Zenritsu Knock Mesuochi Back Vibe
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This anal vibrator from PPP is really something! It integrates a dual-ring technology that simultaneously stimulates..
HK$ 498.00