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SVAKOM is a global leader in sexual wellness, providing high-quality, innovative technology luxury products. From internal cameras to connected series, SVAKOM believes that everyone deserves to indulge in luxury products and a lifestyle focused on pleasure. Explore our unique products and experience a connection beyond touch.
Svakom Pulse Lite Neo - Pink Svakom Pulse Lite Neo - Pink
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Relax and enjoy the soothing waves of blissful satisfaction. Pulse Lite Neo offers an enhanced experience in the wor..
HK$ 299.00
Svakom Ella Neo Connextion Series App Controlled Wearable Egg - Red Svakom Ella Neo Connextion Series App Controlled Wearable Egg - Red
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Reach new levels of satisfaction with the Connexion Series; a range of 5 products that offer pleasure integrated tec..
HK$ 688.00
Svakom Alex Neo Interactive Thrusting Masturbator Svakom Alex Neo Interactive Thrusting Masturbator
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When you, or perhaps your penis-owning partner, is in the mood for some stupendous stroking, we're going to boldly c..
HK$ 1,188.00
Svakom Sam Neo Electric Masturbator Svakom Sam Neo Electric Masturbator
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Introducing the Sam Neo- the latest innovation in stroking technology! The Sam Neo is an automated stroker that suck..
HK$ 888.00
SVAKOM Robin Powerful Vibration Electric Masturbation Cup, white simple line design, first-class hand feeling! The b..
HK$ 788.00
Svakom Elva  Remote Controlled Bullet Vibrator Purple Svakom Elva  Remote Controlled Bullet Vibrator Purple
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SVAKOM Elva remote control vibrating bullet egg has 5 different modes, and 5 intensities in every mode, so you have ..
HK$ 398.00
Svakom Elva  Remote Controlled Bullet Vibrator Cerise Svakom Elva  Remote Controlled Bullet Vibrator Cerise
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SVAKOM Elva remote control vibrating bullet egg has 5 different modes, and 5 intensities in every mode, so you have ..
HK$ 398.00

Svakom: A Brand That Makes Sexual Pleasure a Necessity

When talking about sexual pleasure, one name cannot be ignored, and that is Svakom. As a leading global brand in sexual pleasure, Svakom is committed to making sexual pleasure a necessity and integrating this value into their products and services. The innovative toy designs of Svakom, along with their professional knowledge of sexual pleasure, make them loved and trusted by a vast number of customers worldwide.
David Yu, the founder of Svakom, created the brand in 2012 with the goal of creating high-quality, innovative, and affordable sexual pleasure products, so that everyone could enjoy the fun of sexual pleasure. Svakom's product range is very broad, including a variety of vibrators, massagers, and their patented products, such as the Siime Eye with a built-in camera. These products are designed to offer more possibilities for experimentation and exploration in the bedroom.

Svakom's product design is always customer-oriented. They are committed to creating sexual pleasure products that cater to various needs, body types, and sexual orientations. They believe that whether you are a novice just starting to explore sexual pleasure or an experienced user, you can find something to satisfy your needs in Svakom's products.

Awards Svakom has Received Since Its Inception

In the field of sexual pleasure products, Svakom is a brand of great innovation and excellent quality. Since its inception in 2012, Svakom has not only achieved success in providing high-quality products but has also received numerous industry awards, further proving its leadership in the field of sexual pleasure products.
Founded in 2012, Svakom released the world's first vibrator with a camera, the Siime Eye, the same year and won the Golden Pin Design Award. This innovative product paved the way to success for Svakom and established the brand's innovative image.

In the following years, Svakom continued to develop and produce various innovative products and successfully entered markets in Europe, Russia, Australia, South Korea, and Japan. Their products Echo, Emma, and Elva respectively won the IF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award, further proving Svakom's excellent product design capabilities.

In 2018, Svakom launched the APP-controlled product Ella and its own mobile APP, and won the "Most Luxurious Home Appliance Award" at the Hong Kong Expo. In the same year, Svakom set up an office in Los Angeles, further expanding its global market.

In 2019 and 2020, Svakom launched the first masturbator Alex and the Connexion series respectively, and won the XBIZ "Most Innovative Toy Award" and "Product of the Year Award", as well as the Red Dot Design Award.

In 2021, Svakom launched the interactive suction toy Sam Neo, and established a European branch in Amsterdam, further consolidating its position in the global market.

Most recently, Svakom won the "Luxury Brand of the Year" award at the 2023 XBIZ Awards, which undoubtedly affirms its ongoing efforts and innovation.

In conclusion, since its inception, Svakom has won numerous industry awards and received wide recognition worldwide. These awards not only prove the quality of Svakom's products but also attest to its successful leadership in the field of sexual pleasure products.

Exploring Svakom's Most Popular Products: Five Sexual Wellness Toys You Should Own

In the sexual wellness market, SVAKOM's reputation resonates. This renowned brand is widely adored by consumers for its high-quality, innovative, and affordable products. Today, we will explore five of SVAKOM's most popular sexual wellness toys, each winning users' high praise for their unique features and elegant design.

Svakom Pulse Lite Neo Clitoral Suction Toy

Relax and enjoy soothing blissful satisfaction. The Pulse Lite Neo combines Pulse Technology™ with SVAKOM's innovative interactive technology, offering an enhanced experience in the world of suction; a world full of possibilities awaits you. The features of the Svakom Pulse Lite Neo clitoral suction toy are deeper, better, and stronger. Pulse Technology™ directs suction stimulation straight to your core for a wonderful, speechless experience. Impressive vibrations make the Pulse Lite Neo memorable, making good times flow. With 5 different modes, each with 5 intensity levels, fun is just a button press away.
Embrace realism with the interactive features of the Pulse Lite Neo globally synced or used. Connect to various 2D content for orgasms you won't forget soon. With the waterproof design of the Pulse Lite Neo, cleanup is easy and simple. Ergonomic Design: Bright sunshine, music playing, it's time to relax comfortably for a genuinely delightful experience. Pulse Light NEO can be used with 2 apps: The Svakom app allows you to control remotely, music, thrust mode, touch mode, and audio mode. The Feel Connect app allows you to remote control, connect to interactive porn and webcam sites.

Svakom Ella Neo Smartphone Remote Control Intelligent Wireless Vibrating Egg

The Svakom Ella Neo smartphone remote control intelligent wireless vibrating egg offers an integrated pleasure experience in the form of interactive experiences controlled by apps. Including 3 main functions: remote control, connection to 2D interactive videos, and webcam interaction features, all of which are supported in the "FeelConnect3.0 APP". You can enjoy the passion with anyone you want from anywhere in the world with these innovative, scalable pleasure vibrating eggs. Ella Neo is an innovative vibrating egg with smart features and a holistic ergonomic design. Not only with up to 10 vibration modes, but it also has an extra vibration setting that will drive you crazy: climax mode. Use it manually or via the App on your own, or give control to your partner to explore new ways of pleasing and delight. With a meticulously designed external control, you can directly control Ella with a single button. From sexy teasing to multiple orgasms, it's a heavenly sexual experience you wouldn't want to miss! Real-time interactive features allow you to sync with your favorite 2D interactive videos, letting your favorite content take you to new and better heights, while webcam interaction features make the device a secret weapon for the cameraman. Stay more connected with your fans and enjoy the journey they bring you through the integrated webcam design, letting your audience control your vibrations!

Svakom Elva Wireless Remote-Controlled Vibrating Egg

Elva integrates 5+1 intelligent vibration modes, intelligently composed of different vibration frequencies. From ripples to surges, it easily floods with the most intuitive pleasure. Despite Elva's petite size, it houses a powerful vibration motor that can provide strong and continuous pleasure.
Elva is fully waterproof. Shower, bathtub, swimming pool - you are free to change the scene, and enjoy various passions. The "S" key offers intelligent control at the press of a button. Just press the "S" button lightly, and the Svakom intelligent mode will quickly take you into another happy world. Enticing foreplay, sexy teasing, intense surging, multiple pleasures, continuous.

Elva supports quiet vibration, and you can hardly hear her vibration when she is on. This effectively protects your privacy, allowing your pleasure to surge in your own world, without the worry of being disturbed. Elva can be used alone or with an intelligent wireless remote control. This will increase the fun interaction between partners and provide more imaginative ways and services for both parties.

Elva is an intelligent wireless vibrating egg with an ergonomic design and a smooth body. It can be used alone or equipped with a remote control for intelligent wireless use, which can greatly improve the quality and pleasure of women's love life and both parties' sex life.

Svakom Sam Neo Powerful Suction Vibration Interactive Smart Masturbation Cup

Suction and vibration synchronization, endless pleasure. The new generation of smart electric masturbation cup, known as the "suction artifact" by the store manager, will make you yearn for more and will completely drain you! The black matte shell, the white cage rubber body, the silver top decoration, the design is simple and stylish, saying goodbye to excessive fancy.
Just like the intense squeeze and sucking of muscle contraction, your dragon is deeply swallowed! Unprecedented vacuum stimulation, manual vacuum cups are simply beyond reach. While sucking, your dragon will fill with blood instantly, you can slowly play and spray at high speed! In addition to sucking, there is vibration! The vibration directly hits the deep nerves, and the tingling sensation is transmitted in seconds! The vibration will be synchronized with the sucking, allowing you to experience the double vibration, double attack, and double pleasure! The free SVAKOM app brings remote control, music synchronization, video chat, and other functions at your fingertips, one toy, endless gameplay. Give control to your partner, regardless of where you are, you can have fun together, create exciting situations! Connect to a movie: support connection to a specific video platform. Sam Neo will stimulate in real time according to the actions in the film, and the visual and tactile will simultaneously give you the ultimate sensory impact!

The heavyweight meaty silicone is extremely soft, elastic, easy to care for, more durable, and odorless. Each sucking and pumping is surrounded by thick meat, which is refreshing and comfortable! The tight pipe wall is full of dense large meat particles, like countless little fingertips, 360 degrees surround your dragon! Just press the button on the top of the machine to enjoy endless fun. The user-friendly simple operation is even suitable for lazy people! After the coolness, just take out the inner liner and clean it. It is simple and direct, no need to dismantle and assemble, save time and effort. After charging, you can enjoy a full hour of surging enjoyment!

Svakom Robin Powerful Vibration Electric Masturbation Cup

The SVAKOM Robin Powerful Vibration Electric Masturbation Cup (White) boasts a minimalist white line design with top-tier hand feel! Its built-in powerful motor can generate 5 different vibration modes, providing an ultra-realistic sensation that leaves a deep impression. A unique 'BOOST' function, once activated, offers intense sensations instantly, acting as a shortcut to ultimate pleasure. The user-friendly LED display not only shows the battery level but also the currently enjoyed mode, clearly indicating your preferred pattern. Its soft and flexible tunnel is adaptable to all sizes, detachable, and easy to clean, making it convenient for maintenance and storage. With its reusable design, the Robin is easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to enjoy!