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Toy's Heart

Toy's Heart, especially R20 products live up to the expectations of the public. From the first generation to the third generation, sales and reputation have skyrocketed, and the price of R20 is also relatively cheap compared to other masturbation sleeves.
Toys Heart Atelier Onahole opens a journey through time and space. A genius female scientist has invented a device t..
HK$ 298.00
Discover 'Toys Heart Lusty Secret Onahole,' an adult product that combines ingenious design with profound sensual pl..
HK$ 328.00
The secret of the health room: An elegant teacher, whose peaceful daily life is shattered in an unexpected moment. T..
HK$ 98.00
The "JD Neat Girl Spiral Series" is an adult toy specifically designed for the mature male market. Inspired by the i..
HK$ 238.00
The "JD Energetic Girl" is a premium adult toy imported from Japan. Infused with a dimensionless cutting-edge materi..
HK$ 238.00
Introducing the exciting product "Endless Punishment with Countless Bumps ♥".It features a thick and firm material t..
HK$ 298.00
The Student Council President Virgin Onahole lets you enjoy the sweet and delightful pussy of a virginal J..
HK$ 298.00
Just when we thought the Toy's Heart Seven Teen series of JK schoolgirl masturbators couldn't get any better, along ..
HK$ 298.00
The Mashiro-chanchi Ultra-Soft Onanhole is a fabulously soft and voluptuous toy that you can really stretc..
HK$ 298.00
The fourth entry in the immensely popular Toy's Heart series of female magician-themed masturbator toys, the Wa..
HK$ 298.00
The Toy's Heart onaholes (unofficially) based on the Atelier video game series have proved very popular with fans, a..
HK$ 158.00
A great lube from one of Japan's leading adult brands, the Toy's Heart Lotion Hard Type Lubricant is versa..
HK$ 58.00