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Toy's Heart

This dual layer, full bodied onahole masturbator recreates the sensual body of a teenaged Japanese virgin aching for..
HK$ 320.00
The only thing softer than the supple outside of the Seven Teen Evo Soft is its yielding interior. The ent..
HK$ 320.00
The only thing softer than the supple outside of the Seven Teen Evo is its yielding interior. The entryway..
HK$ 320.00
Corrupt this member of staff's innocence with the Maid Service Onahole. This loli entered your service just wee..
HK$ 428.00
The Seventeen Alpha Onahole is the latest in a bestselling series of masturbators by industry leaders Toy'..
HK$ 388.00
An update on the original Lusty Hot Spring masturbator by top Japanese adult toys brand Toy's Heart, the Lusty ..
HK$ 368.00
Weighing in at 535 g (18.9 oz), this masturbator feels great in your hand and around your manhood. Though it fe..
HK$ 398.00
The Toys Heart Red Eagle Electronic Masturbator takes all the hard work out of self-pleasure thanks t..
HK$ 780.00
This buxom biker beauty knows exactly how sexy she is and she's ready to straddle a strapping young man after rubbin..
HK$ 298.00 HK$348.00
The Nekomata Musume Onahole is inspired by a feline yokai - and what kind of anthropomorphic anime girl ch..
HK$ 228.00 HK$268.00
The Ero Ane Hard Onahole is a hard sex toy for discerning men, modelled after a horny Japanese girl who is..
HK$ 538.00
Toys Heart Fudeoroshi Vacuum Onahole
Back Soon
The Fudeoroshi Vacuum Onahole features a young but mature sister type teacher who is keen to help you lose..
HK$ 280.00