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Arcwave is a leading premium pleasure brand from the WOW Tech Group, dedicated to redefining the orgasm experience for men. Our refined, stylish designs bring a first-time touch of elegance to the world of male pleasure. Arcwave delivers products of equal quality for men, offering a completely new sensation. Our products aim to break the social stigma around male masturbation, providing an equal pleasure experience for men.
Premium manual stroker with suction control and a smooth silicone sleeve. Arcwave Pow is a premium manual stroker wi..
HK$ 690.00
Premium manual stroker with suction control and a smooth silicone sleeve. Arcwave Pow is a premium manual stroker wi..
HK$ 690.00
Premium manual stroker with suction control and a smooth silicone sleeve. Arcwave Pow is a premium manual stroker wi..
HK$ 690.00
Arcwave Ghost Masturbator Sleeve Mint Arcwave Ghost Masturbator Sleeve Mint
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The Arcwave Ghost masturbator sleeve is perfect for every moment! This unique sleeve is made of premium CleanTech si..
HK$ 180.00
Arcwave Ghost Masturbator Sleeve Blue Arcwave Ghost Masturbator Sleeve Blue
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The Arcwave Ghost masturbator sleeve is perfect for every moment! This unique sleeve is made of premium CleanTech si..
HK$ 180.00
The Arcwave Ghost masturbator sleeve is perfect for every moment! This unique sleeve is made of premium CleanTech si..
HK$ 180.00
Arcwave Voy is a premium compact stroker with a unique Tightness Adjustment System that targets the Merkel-Ranvier r..
HK$ 780.00
Meet the world's first Pleasure Air™ stroker - Arcwave Ion. Experience a new type of orgasm as unique pulsating airw..
HK$ 1,720.00
Arcwave Toy Cleaner formulated to keep your toys fresh and hygienic. The official Arcwave Toy Cleaner for the best e..
HK$ 168.00
The official Arcwave Lubricant for the best experience with your Arcwave products. This water-based lubricant was sp..
HK$ 168.00

Arcwave's Origin and Mission: Leading the Redefinition of Male Orgasm Experience

Arcwave is a high-quality brand developed by a team of top-notch engineers dedicated to delivering a brand-new and sensational male orgasm experience. The designers at Arcwave have infused a sense of elegance and refinement into the world of male pleasure for the first time. Every detail of each product has been meticulously considered and crafted, not only delivering unprecedented pleasure for users but also helping to break down the derogatory and prejudiced view of male masturbation.

In terms of societal acceptance of masturbation, women have been the pioneers, and men's progress has been far behind. However, Arcwave is now allowing men to enjoy sexual pleasure in an equally sophisticated and high-quality manner, hence experiencing a whole new sensation.

With the introduction of our flagship product, the Arcwave Ion, we have shown that female orgasms are not only worth celebrating but also worth imitating. With Ion, male users will be able to experience a richer and more thrilling orgasm journey. Now, it's time to break the norm and touch those deep-hidden nerves. From a traditional orgasm to a new orgasm. We challenge you, dare to accept it?

Arcwave's Pleasure Air: Arcwave's Patented Technology Redefining Male Orgasm

Arcwave is a leading pleasure brand dedicated to changing and enhancing the male orgasm experience. Arcwave has developed a patented technology called "Pleasure Air" for the unique experience of male orgasms. This technology uses changes in air pressure to stimulate the frenulum at the tip of the penis, where a large number of Pacinian pleasure receptors are concentrated. These highly sensitive nerve endings are responsive to changes in air pressure.

The emergence of "Pleasure Air" technology allows men to experience an orgasm that is distinctly different from traditional sexual stimulation. In the past, the male orgasm experience was limited due to the lack of tools capable of stimulating these special nerve endings. However, Arcwave's "Pleasure Air" technology has changed this status quo, bringing intense and diversified orgasm experiences.

Arcwave's goal is to break the social stigma of male masturbation and elevate the male orgasm experience to unprecedented heights. The emergence of "Pleasure Air" technology means that men can now experience orgasms that are as intense and diversified as those of women. Arcwave uses this to prove that men can also enjoy deeper and more satisfying sexual pleasure.

Arcwave Ion: The Masturbator Redefining Male Orgasm Experience

The Arcwave Ion, with its groundbreaking technology and futuristic design, has opened a new realm for male orgasms. As the world's first male masturbator using Pleasure Air™ technology, this product applies special pulsing air pressure to the Pacinian pleasure receptors in the wrinkled area of the penis, opening up a brand-new orgasm experience.

Want to experience a sensation similar to a female orgasm? The Arcwave Ion is the product you've been looking for. This product elevates the male orgasm experience to a new level and has generated a huge response among users since its launch.

The Ion also features a built-in DryTech stick. This unique silicone moisture absorption technology quickly absorbs residual moisture, and the ventilation design ensures good air circulation during storage, making the product more durable.

The unique design of the Arcwave Ion not only ensures rapid drying of the product but also allows for quick charging while ensuring safe storage, providing a more convenient experience for users.

Cleaning the Ion is also very easy. Its innovative twist-open mechanism makes the cleaning process simple and easy, allowing you to quickly and easily clean the product after use.

The Arcwave Ion satisfies performance needs while also being stylish. Its cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials combine to showcase a powerful core and an elegant appearance.

In addition, as a winner in the Product Design category of the 2021 Red Dot Design Awards, the Arcwave Ion offers an unprecedented orgasm experience. It is a product that combines innovation, comfort, and powerful performance, whether you are seeking new ways to masturbate or want to enhance your sexual experience, the Arcwave Ion is your ideal choice.

Arcwave Voy: A Premium Masturbator Customized for Men

Enter the new world of pleasure and experience the Arcwave Voy. This high-end compact masturbator not only uses the highest quality silicone but also provides users with a brand new tension adjustment system, allowing every user to find their perfect setting.

Start your Voy adventure! You've always been in pursuit of self, constantly challenging and enjoying life. The arrival of the Arcwave Voy means you no longer have to compromise on the path to pleasure. Voy is the first masturbator on the market with a unique tension adjustment system. With eight different tension settings, you can find the one that suits you best.

Scientific research proves that the Merkel-Ranvier sensory organs in the penis are very sensitive to appropriate pressure responses. Arcwave's designers have created this unique tension adjustment system that allows you to stimulate these sensory organs in the most suitable and comfortable way.

The Arcwave Voy allows you to easily adjust the pressure to find the intensity that suits you best. The Voy contains no electronic parts, meaning it can be used anytime, requires no charging, and is very environmentally friendly.

Choosing only the best materials, Arcwave Voy uses the highest quality silicone, a very hygienic material that is completely waterproof, making it ideal for intimate use and easy to clean.

Arcwave Voy, bringing you a brand-new orgasm experience.

Arcwave Pow: A Premium Manual Masturbator with Bidirectional Entry and Suction Control

The Arcwave Pow, a top-tier manual masturbator, features a suction control system, a textured silicone sleeve for cleaning, and a bidirectional entry design. During use, the Pow's silicone sleeve naturally tightens, bringing about pleasurable sensations. Simultaneously, the air pressure release valve creates a strong suction, delivering a novel and unforgettable climax.

Crafted for the adventurer, the curious, and those who value sensory experiences and ingenious design. You know what you want, you need a toy that can precisely execute its function. It delivers that intense feeling you crave - powerful climaxes every time.

The inner sleeve is made from skin-friendly silicone, with a raised pleasure surface that makes masturbation more exciting. Add some water-based lubricant, and a light stroke will bring about a powerful climax. The interior design is so clever that cleaning becomes easy. Just remove the inner sleeve and wash it with soap or toy cleaner and running water. The special shape of Pow allows it to dry super fast, always staying clean, ready for the next use. Natural suction can be controlled according to your needs. The toy's bidirectional entry allows you to choose between two different hole widths, and covering and uncovering the pressure release valve lets you control the sensation of suction. Arcwave Pow, delivering a new pleasure experience for you.

Arcwave Ghost: The Ultimate Tactile Experience with a Silicone Masturbator with Double-Sided Texture

The Arcwave Ghost is more than just a masturbator; it's a pleasure for touch enthusiasts. This masturbator is made from extremely skin-friendly CleanTech silicone to provide a smooth, enhanced climax experience. But what's most unique about the Ghost is its reversible design, each side featuring different textures, offering users two distinct sensory experiences.

For adventurous spirits and whimsical hearts, the Ghost's design undoubtedly caters to their needs. The unpretentious texture design allows users to experience a variety of sensations with just a light slide according to their preference. Also, thanks to its environmentally friendly silicone material, the Ghost doesn't require batteries and provides endless pleasure anytime, anywhere, as long as you're willing.

But the features of this product don't stop there. Its unique shape and texture make cleaning easy, requiring only soap or toy cleaner. The intricate design, combined with excellent materials, makes the Ghost a durable, easy-to-clean masturbator that never closes its doors to your pleasure. Arcwave Ghost, providing you with an orgasmic experience like never before.