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Hair Removal Care

Gentle and effective hair removal creams and razors help you achieve smooth and delicate skin. Hair removal cream easily removes excess hair, while razors provide a quick and convenient option. Choose the right hair removal care product for you, bringing comfortable care and a pleasant touch to your skin.

Intimate Calming Gel - Specifically designed for sensitive skin and for use after hair removal. Are you just one ste..
HK$ 150.00
A simple and elegant solution, helping you say goodbye to "unwanted hair". This is a gentle and professional hair re..
HK$ 268.00
CARE SPRAY FOR IRRITATED SKIN AND RAZOR BUMPS - Aftershave spray (100 ml) for women with nourishing ingredients that..
HK$ 138.00
With a delicate scent of bergamot and bitter orange, the Iroha Intimate Wash Foam Type is a moisturizing s..
HK$ 158.00
Bathmate Trim
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Manscaping really helps boost your sex life, with a tidier, far more attractive look, while also helping you get the..
HK$ 398.00
Shave a perfect shape fast and easy!Surprise yourself or your partner with the latest tool from Ladyshape®. The Inti..
HK$ 99.00 HK$189.00
Shave a perfect shape fast and easy!Feel pampered, feminine and sexy with the Ladyshape Brazilian. Using this handy ..
HK$ 99.00 HK$189.00