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Eros Aqua Sensations Water Based Lubricant 100ml

Eros Aqua Sensations Water Based Lubricant 100ml
Eros Aqua Sensations Water Based Lubricant 100ml
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  • Eros   型號 311004
  • 保質期至: 2026/05

AQUA SENSATIONS water based lubricant Are you in the mood for slippery fun? EROS Aqua Sensations is a water-based lubricant for a pleasantly moist/cooling experience. Not only does our lubricant enhance glide quality, it also moisturises and is therefore good for the skin. No more sticky traces on your body! Aqua Sensations' unique formula creates a pure, healthy and exciting new sensation. Look forward to blissfully moist love play! CHARACTERISTICS dermatologically tested very economical long-lasting glide quality for use with latex condoms water-based flavourless colourless and odourless oil-free and unscented CE mark; licensed as a medicinal product.

Eros Aqua Sensations Water Based Lubricant 100ml - Adult Loving


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