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Jex Moist Type Latex Condom Large Size 8pcs

Jex Moist Type Latex Condom Large Size 8pcs
Jex Moist Type Latex Condom Large Size 8pcs
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  • JEX   型號 030807

Jex Moist Type Latex Condom Large Size 8pcs, wrapped in gentle moisture with moisturizing gel, safe even for the first time. The smoothness lasts for a long time and is recommended for those who are dehydrated. Roomy large size L, moisturizing gel with marine collagen and sodium hyaluronate, made of latex for a perfect fit, gentle gel top treatment for women.

Package Dimensions (mm): H136 x W76 x D26

Country of Origin: Japan

Material: Natural Rubber Latex!

Jex Moist Type Latex Condom Large Size 8pcs - Adult Loving


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