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Lolinco Genesis of Purity Yurufuwa Soft Masturbator

Lolinco Genesis of Purity Yurufuwa Soft Masturbator
Lolinco Genesis of Purity Yurufuwa Soft Masturbator
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Witness the birth of a new chapter in the popular Lolinco series of Magic Eyes onaholes. The Lolinco Genesis of Purity Yurufuwa Soft features pronounced labia that demand your attention, and a tight vagina that immediately rewards. The virginal bride is lying there with her tempting pussy, peach-colored skin, curvy body line, and tiny breasts that you can stroke with your fingers while sliding into her vagina. The material is softer than others in this series, so the toy is recommended if you like really squeezing and massaging the body during use.

Lolinco Genesis of Purity Yurufuwa Soft Masturbator - Adult Loving


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