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Magic Eyes Elaborate Vagina Sukesuke

Magic Eyes Elaborate Vagina Sukesuke
Magic Eyes Elaborate Vagina Sukesuke
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Crafted under the artistic mastery of "玉乃井ぺろめくり", this stands out as the notable second collaboration masterpiece!

The design is ingenious. As one delves deeper, there's a distinct feel of its rare pot-shaped dense structure. Multiple textures and meticulously designed tiny protrusions continue to offer profound vibratory sensations, with the tight embrace at the deepest part, reminiscent of the cervix, being especially breathtaking. The "transparent" section's hardness is particularly tailored for users who prefer a stronger intensity! Moreover, the materials used are in full compliance with Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's 370th food hygiene standard, and the adoption of Love Rubber Skin ensures added peace of mind.

Magic Eyes Elaborate Vagina Sukesuke - Adult Loving


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