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Magic Eyes Elaborate Vagina Tsububira Inspiral Funifuni

Magic Eyes Elaborate Vagina Tsububira Inspiral Funifuni
Magic Eyes Elaborate Vagina Tsububira Inspiral Funifuni
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Weighing in at 630 grams, this product presents an unparalleled tactile depth.

This represents the second scholarly collaboration with the esteemed illustrator "玉乃井ぺろめくり".

As one delves deeper into the product, the distinctiveness of its pot-like structural depth becomes increasingly evident. The helical elevated ridges, coupled with the intricate granular design, continually offer a distinctive tactile experience, while its deepest region, reminiscent of the cervix, provides an intimate embrace. The feature dubbed "ふにふに" exhibits a gentler firmness, catering to extended periods of utilization. The materials employed are in full compliance with the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare's Food Hygiene Standard No. 370, ensuring user safety.

Magic Eyes Elaborate Vagina Tsububira Inspiral Funifuni - Adult Loving


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