Vibrating eggs = orgasm? Isn't it simple, want to have an easy orgasm? Vibrating eggs can help. There are so many different kinds of mini vibes on the market. If you are confused and have difficulty choosing, read on.

There are several main types of female orgasms. The most popular and familiar ones are clitoral orgasm and vaginal G-spot orgasm. Usually, people who play sex toys for the first time use vibrating eggs as a starting toy. Their lower price and small size are perhaps the main reason for the popularity of vibrating eggs.


Zalo Baby Heart Personal Massager

In addition, many people misunderstand that women sex toys are only classified as vibrating eggs. In fact, there are many types of women's toys. As mentioned earlier, the price of vibrating egg is relatively cheap, coupled with their innocent appearance, but orgasm is not guaranteed. To achieve orgasm requires the cooperation of hardware and software. There are also many people who think that the egg can be put into the vagina, but it is designed to stimulate the clitoris, which is also the clitoral orgasm that we will talk about today.

Keep in mind that the design of the vibrating egg is to massage the clitoris (C spot), not into the vagina (G spot). Because too many people put the vibrating egg (by mistake) into the vagina, the manufacturers tend to add a thread to the back to facilitate the placement of the egg in the vagina. In addition, there is a wireless type of vibrating egg and since the creation of smart phones, there are also mini vibes controlled by the  phone APP, which is convenient for playing and training outdoors.


Zalo Hero Clitoral Massager

The main function of the mini vibrator is to help you reach clitoral orgasm. Turn on the vibrator and slowly explore your sensitive points, and move the egg around your legs, the labia and the clitoris. After reaching the most sensitive point, focus on stimulating the area, and the orgasm will come with the vibration.

But as mentioned before, the success comes with both software and hardware. "Software" means atmosphere, place, people etc., so I can't help you with that, but I can show you how to find the "hardware" that is most suitable for you.

Le Wand Deux

Le Wand Deux Rechargeable Vibrator

Choosing the right vibrator that helps you climax depends on several aspects: price, material, brand, and vibration. You always get what you pay for, and please avoid those cheap vibrators made of poor material and quality. Just think about it, if the egg scratches your tender skin, what a disaster it could be?

Zalo Temptation

Zalo Temptation

Common materials found in mini vibrator eggs include PVC and silicone. Generally cheap ones are made of PVC. The disadvantage is that they are harder. It is definitely not recommended. Of course, if only the remote control is made of PVC, there is no problem at all. The other type is silicone material. Silicone has different grades too. Generally speaking, the expensive ones are made of better material quality.

In terms of brands, European and American brands are quite different from Japanese brands in terms of price, style, and durability! In fact, Japanese brands are relatively easy to break. According to the our observation, the reason why the Japanese egg type vibrators are easy to break is because the Japanese tend to launch new products more often. If you change the style frequently, the price and material will be lowered! Although it increases customers' desire to purchase, it reduces durability! So if you want to buy a good vibrator, European and US brands are your best choice.

Secondly, the vibration level is an important issue. If the vibration force is not enough, there may time that orgasm is not satisfactory. Most of the vibration eggs have different vibration frequencies, from weak to strong, and then change to as many as 120 variations in different frequencies. Choosing a suitable vibration frequency is the secret to fast orgasm!

Zalo Amour

Zalo Amour Vibrating Egg

There are many kinds of mini vibes on the market: wired and wireless, and the most recent ones that are controlled by mobile phone APP. What should you choose? Wired vibrators is easier to control without any messy setup, and it will respond as quickly as you press a button. But if the wire is broken, it means the end of the fun.

The wireless vibration egg is similar to the one controlled by the mobile APP. The difference is that one is a physical remote control and the other is an application on the mobile phone. Basically they use Bluetooth to connect and it should work within 10 meters. You can easily carry it and play anytime, anywhere. The disadvantage is that the stability is affected by external factors: for example, Bluetooth disconnection or a broken remote.

WeVibe Moxie

WeVibe Moxie

The advancement of science and technology has not only made life more convenient and comfortable, but also brought about changes in sex toys. There are some mobile controlled versions of the vibrating eggs that can be played in LONG Distance. Even if you are far away in the United States, you can control your partner's vibe in Hong Kong. If you are engaging in a long-distance relationship, this toy is a must have!