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Zalo Amour Vibrating Egg

Zalo Amour Vibrating Egg
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Zalo Amour Vibrating Egg is an intelligent somatosensory control sex toy; the ZALO team puts a new gravity sensor device into the product during the development process, which adds an intelligent somatosensory control mode; intelligent somatosensory control is a new type of vibrator product. Control mode; only need to flip the manipulator to achieve the vibration frequency of the egg.

Amour's design is inspired by the Cupid, Greek god of love; the designer implants Cupid's elements of the golden arrow into the product: from the small wing pattern of the jumping egg head to each pattern line on the bar, from The embossed pattern on the storage box to the pattern line on the box, from the delicate pattern on the tail rope button to the logo of the storage box control button, each detail cleverly fits the various elements on Cupid.

The vibration frequency of 10000 RPM per minute is faster than that of the hummingbird; the 6 modes from weak to strong can be switched at will, and the waterproof performance of IPX7 is the choice for users to use more areas, except in the bedroom. In addition to playing in the car, sofa, and bed, you can also use it in the bathroom, bath, and swimming pool.

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