How to clean massage wands and egg vibrators? In the previous article, we shared the cleaning methods for masturbators and sleeves. Now, let's talk about how to clean and what to pay attention to when cleaning women's toys. Want your sex toys to last longer? Don't want to risk getting an infection? Pay attention to the following tips we're about to share. Remember them!

cleaning women's toys

Key Points for Cleaning Vibrators and Egg Vibrators

Key Points for Cleaning Vibrators

Many people believe that vibrators and egg vibrators should be cleaned after use, but in fact, they should also be cleaned before use. For example, some sex toys are made of silicone, which can become sticky over time and can accumulate dust, as well as potentially harbor microorganisms or insects. It is unhygienic and dangerous to use them without cleaning. Therefore, it is important to wash them before use and spray them with a disinfectant and antibacterial spray specifically designed for cleaning sex toys.

Cleaning Methods for Vibrators and Egg Vibrators - 3 Steps

Cleaning Methods for Vibrators and Egg Vibrators

• Step 1: For electric sex toys, wipe them with a damp cloth and then dry them with a cloth or tissue. As for non-electric sex toys, they can be cleaned with water and then thoroughly dried, but it is not recommended to soak them in water for too long.

• Step 2: To dry the sex toys, use a towel that does not shed or a tissue that does not disintegrate when wet. When blotting the sex toys with a tissue or towel, press gently to facilitate water absorption.

• Step 3: Once the sex toys are dry, use a disinfectant and antibacterial spray specifically designed for cleaning sex toys. Spray it on the toys and let them dry completely before storing them properly. If there are air holes in women's sex toys, these areas are difficult to clean and can become a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria. To ensure comfort and safety, women can consider using a condom on the toy before use.

Maintenance and Storage Methods for Vibrators and Egg Vibrators

• Store them in a storage bag to prevent dust accumulation and prevent them from becoming a habitat for lice or dust mites.

• Store them in a cool, well-ventilated place and avoid direct sunlight.

• If the product contains batteries, remove the batteries before storage, as long-term storage can cause leakage, which can damage the functionality of the sex toy.

6 Prohibited Actions and Common Mistakes in Cleaning Vibrators and Egg Vibrators

6 Prohibited Actions and Common Mistakes in Cleaning Vibrators

Prohibition: Do not expose electric sex toys to water.

If you insist on cleaning them with water, remove the batteries and avoid letting water come into contact with the battery compartment. However, it is generally not recommended to submerge electric sex toys in water.

Prohibition: Do not use laundry or shower products to clean sex toys.

Many sex toys are made of latex, rubber, or silicone, and the fragrance or chemical ingredients in shower products can potentially damage the material, causing it to deteriorate and become less durable. The cracks in damaged toys can also harbor bacteria, increasing the risk of vaginal infections. Additionally, if the cleaning products mentioned above are not rinsed off completely, the residual chemicals can cause irritation or allergic reactions in intimate areas.

Prohibition: Do not use products containing alcohol for disinfection.

Alcohol is corrosive and can damage silicone, causing the sex toy to lose its color and durability.

Prohibition: Do not clean with hot water.

Mistakes in Cleaning Vibrators

If the sex toy is made of silicone, boiling water will damage its durability. If the material is synthetic resin, it can deform and release carcinogenic substances when exposed to heat. Therefore, it is best to clean vibrators and egg vibrators with warm water, but avoid prolonged soaking.

Prohibition: Do not use a hairdryer to dry sex toys.

As mentioned before, exposing sex toys to heat can cause deformation and reduced durability. Therefore, it is not recommended to use a hairdryer or place sex toys under direct sunlight for drying.

Prohibition: Do not use regular towels for drying.

If you want to use a tissue to dry the sex toys, choose high-quality tissues. Lower-quality tissues may contain bacteria from the manufacturing process or disintegrate when wet. As for towels, do not use the one you use for showering, as towels stored in damp and cool places can easily harbor bacteria. Therefore, it is recommended to use a separate, new towel for drying sex toys, and avoid towels that shed.

Cleaning Methods for Women's Lingerie

Cleaning Methods for Women's Lingerie

If the lingerie is made of delicate fabrics, mesh, or lace, it is recommended to hand wash them with warm water. Machine washing may damage the garments or cause them to shrink.

Cleaning Methods for BDSM Sex Toys

• For leather products, simply wipe them with alcohol-free wet wipes.

• Fabric products can be cleaned with water, but be cautious about color bleeding.

• Metal products can be cleaned with a specialized disinfectant spray that does not contain alcohol.

Common Questions about Cleaning Dildos

Questions about Cleaning Dildos

Question: Should dildos be cleaned before use?

Answer: Yes, because they can accumulate dust and may have come into contact with microorganisms.

Question: Can a dildo used anally be inserted directly into the vagina?

Answer: No! The anus contains many bacteria, so inserting a dildo into the vagina after anal use can cause vaginal infections. If desired, it is recommended to use a condom on the toy, change it after anal use, and then proceed with vaginal use.

Question: What happens if a dildo is not cleaned?

Answer: It can develop an unpleasant odor and become more prone to aging or discoloration.