How do I clean my masturbation cup? What are the steps? What should I use to clean it? How do I dry it after cleaning? Should I maintain it? These are common questions that many men have after using their masturbation cup. Don't worry, in this article, I will answer these questions one by one. Additionally, I will also provide a brief introduction to the different types of masturbation cups available, so that you can have a better understanding of male masturbation products.

Clean your Masturbation Sleeve

Male masturbation product 1:Masturbation Sleeve


Male masturbation products can be divided into two categories: masturbation sleeves and onaholes. Masturbation Sleeves are cup-shaped, easy to store, and not easily identifiable as male masturbation devices. They may also come in disposable or reusable options. In addition to manual sleeves, there are also electric sleeves, which are further divided into three types: pure vibration sleeves, up-and-down thrusting sleeves, and hybrid sleeves.


Electric sleeve Type 1: Pure vibration sleeve

There are two types of pure vibration sleeves: one with an external vibrating rod and one with an internal vibrating motor. The purpose of both is to provide sexual pleasure through the vibration on the penis and glans.

Electric sleeve Type 2: Up-and-down thrusting sleeves

The principle of up-and-down thrusting sleeves is to mimic the thrusting motion during sex, allowing the user to experience sexual excitement even while lying flat without moving their body. However, note that these devices are quite large and not easily stored, and the mechanical operation process produces noise that can be noticeable.

Electric sleeves Type 3: Hybrid sleeves

Hybrid sleeve is a combination of the pure electric device and the up-down sleeves. It gives the user both experience.

Male masturbation product 1:Onahole


Onahole is actually a piece of silicone with many different shapes, such as vaginal or buttock shapes. If you go to an adult store and see product packaging with pictures of AV actresses or anime illustrations, they are usually Onaholes.

Cleaning materials for Onaholes: specialized foam or powder

The materials used to clean onaholes are available in foam or powder form (which forms bubbles when in contact with water). These cleaning products are specifically designed for onaholes and will not damage their texture. They can also prevent odor and bacteria. Some may ask, "Can I use bleach or regular shower gel to clean a onahole?" The answer is no, as this will damage the onahole and render it unusable. More information will be discussed in the Q&A section below.


Cleaning steps for sleeves and onaholes

Step 1: Remove bodily fluids and semen

After using a sleeve, onahole or other sex toy, it may be difficult to clean because it is filled with semen and lubricant. We recommend using a specialized cleaning powder or foam, pouring it into the opening of the toy and adding a little water. Then vigorously shake it and rinse with water. This procedure can be repeated twice, and after each time, use your finger to touch the inside of the toy to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned.

Step 2: Use a dehumidifying stick to dry the toy

After cleaning, the toy needs to be dried thoroughly. You can use a paper towel or a specialized towel (more on this in the Q&A section) to roll into a cylindrical shape and insert it into the toy to absorb any remaining moisture. Ideally, use a dehumidifying stick made of silica gel to absorb the moisture inside the toy.


Maintenance after cleaning for Onahole/Cup


Artificial vaginas are made of silicone and can become oily over time. To prevent this, apply a thin layer of talcum powder or specialized maintenance powder after cleaning. However, do not use these powders inside the onaholes.

Storage Tips for Onaholes


In terms of storage, you absolutely cannot put the cup in a place with direct sunlight or high temperatures, as it will damage their texture. It's best to store them in a cool and ventilated place. Also, because cups and onaholes will start to leak after being stored for a while, make sure to apply a thin layer of maintenance powder on them before storing.

Common questions about cleaning cups and onaholes


Q: Can you clean cups with warm or cold water?

A: Yes, but don't use water that's too hot as it will damage the texture of the cup.

Q: Why can't you use body wash to clean cups and onaholes?

A: Using regular soap or detergent to clean them will make the cup or onaholes, easily attracting dust and even causing black spots to appear, making them unusable.

Q: Do you need to wash the onaholes after using it with a condom?

A: Yes, because both the cup and the condom itself have lubricants.

Q: Can you flip the cup or onahole over to wash it?

A: It's not recommended because it will cause the "vaginal opening" to tear, which will affect the user experience in the long run.

Q: What should you pay attention to when drying the cup and onaholes with paper towels or a towel?

A: The paper towels should not be too fragile, as they will stick to the cup if they break, making it difficult to clean next time. As for towels, the fibers may rub against the cup or onaholes, affecting the sensation of using them. That's why there are specialized towels for masturbation cups.