Which condom is the best? This is a question that many men often ask. So this time, we have looked at the Consumer Council's previous quality inspection report on condoms to give you a detailed list of the 16 products from the three brands Okamoto, Durex, and Sagami that received the highest ratings! Want to know which ones? Read on!

16 condoms

Which rubber condom is the best? 16 Consumer Council's most satisfactory products

The Consumer Council previously conducted quality inspections on 30 types of condoms, and out of the rubber-based condoms, Okamoto, Durex, and Sagami had 16 products that received the highest 5-star ratings. The detailed list is as follows:

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Recommended Okamoto condoms:

• 岡本 0.03 冰薄(Okamoto 0.03 Cool);

• 岡本 0.03 白金超薄(Okamoto 0.03 Platinum);

• 岡本 0.03 貼身超薄(Okamoto 0.03 Real Fit);

• 岡本持久裝(Okamoto Strong Long Lasting);

• 岡本皇冠型 (Okamoto Crown)

Recommended Durex condoms:

• 杜蕾斯超薄緊貼裝衛生套(Durex Fetherlite Closefit Condoms);

• 杜蕾斯倍滑至薄幻隱裝衛生套(Durex AIR Extra Smooth Condom);

• 杜蕾斯超薄倍滑裝更薄型衛生套(Durex Elite Ultra Thin Condom Extra Lube);

• 杜蕾斯雙保險裝衛生套(Durex Extra Safe Condoms);

• 杜蕾斯超薄裝衛生套(Durex Fetherlite Condom);

• 杜蕾斯活力裝衛生套(Durex Jeans Condom);

• 杜蕾斯共享持久裝衛生套(Durex Performax Intense);

• 杜蕾斯激情裝衛生套(Durex Together Condoms)

Recommended Sagami Condoms:

• 相模究極持久點點(Sagami Xtreme Feel Long);

• 相模究極纖薄式(Sagami Xtreme Superthin);

• 相模究極緊貼式(Sagami Xtreme Feel Fit)

condom brands

condom brands

condom brands

Tips for using condoms

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After finding out the top 16 condoms that received the highest ratings, let's share some safety tips for buying and using condoms, so that you can ensure safety during sexual intercourse!

Tips for buying condoms

points to watch when purchase condoms

• When buying condoms, check the effective expiration date of the product first, and then check whether the packaging is damaged or has been opened by someone; • Condoms come in different sizes. Before buying, you should check the size of the relevant product online to see if it meets your personal needs; • Many condoms may experience texture aging under high temperature or long-term exposure to light. Therefore, before buying, pay attention to where the product is placed, and try to keep it in a cool place after purchase; • When you bring the condoms back home, try not to place them where children can reach them, and try not to store them together with oily substances or solvents.

Tips for using condoms

points to aware of when using condoms

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• Many people may use external medications during sexual activity. It is recommended that you ask your doctor before applying these medications, to see if they can still be used with condoms after being applied to the penis; • During sexual activity, if you use a condom with lubricant, make sure the lubricant is water-soluble; • The condom should be put on after the penis is erect but before it comes into contact with the partner's body; • If you find that the condom packaging is damaged, it is recommended to discard it immediately and use a new one; • Try not to use sharp objects, such as knives or scissors, to open the condom packaging, in order to avoid tearing the condom and affecting its contraceptive function; • Before putting on the condom, pinch the top of the condom with your fingers to let the air out; • The method for putting on a condom is to put it on the head of the penis and then pull down the rolled-up condom. Be careful with your nails during the process to avoid tearing the condom; • During sexual activity, if you feel the condom is too loose or too tight, you should stop and check to prevent the condom from slipping off or tearing, which would affect its contraceptive effect; • After ejaculation, immediately remove the penis along with the condom. If the penis becomes soft inside the vagina, there is a chance that the semen inside the condom may leak out, increasing the risk of pregnancy.

Tips for Disposing of Condoms after Use

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Used condoms should be wrapped in tissue or placed in a plastic bag before being thrown away in the trash.

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