The latest 17-year-old series is finally here. Want to experience the womb of a 17-year-old girl? Don't miss this amazing onahole sex toy masturbator. Toys Heart claims that this version is the ultimate experience that has evolved. This time, the cover illustration of the 17-year-old series is more exquisite than previous generations, and more like a real person. The size of the box is W155*H210*D65, and the weight is about 387g. It comes with a pack of 12ml Japanese-made lubricant, but it is only enough for single use, and the onahole body is made in Japan.

Toys Heart Seventeen Alpha Onahole

Toys Heart Seventeen Alpha

Toys Heart 17 Alpha Onahole


Let's take a look at its spec:

• Pipe gimmick design

• Tight vacuum sensation

• Fine Cross skin

• Total length: 170mm (6.7")

• Width: 57mm (2.2")

• Inner hole length: 148mm (5.8")

• Weight: 250g

• Includes lubricant

• Non-air release hole type masturbator

Toys Heart's materials are always oil-free and odorless, but the onahole is a bit light-weight of only about 250 grams. The size of the toy is 17cm in total length, 5.7cm in width, and 14.8cm in length. The opening is relatively large, but because the front half is designed with leak-proof lubricating fluid, the lubricating fluid does not easily flow out when inserted. This design is a plus! According to Toys Heart's data, this model is of high stimulation, and the material indicates that it can be licked too.

It is strongly recommended not to flap it over, the opening may become damaged.

After opening the toy, the front part is designed with stripes, and the middle part is equipped with PIPE GIMMICK. After pressing this position, you will experience the ultimate uterine orifice, and the bottom part is some random bumps.

After cutting it, you will clearly see the internal texture design, which is divided into 3 parts. The biggest selling point is the PIPE GIMMICK in the middle. When the half glans is inserted to this position, it is as if it is really entering the uterus. Well, if you squeeze out the air before playing, the feeling of vacuum will be even stronger!

Toys Heart Seventeen Alpha Onahole Toys Heart Seventeen Alpha Onahole