According to the authoritative Wikipedia, mature men's penis is about 9 cm to 16 cm long (from the pubic bone), and an erection length shorter than 7 cm is medically recognized as a small penis. According to a survey conducted by the UCLA, 45% of men would like their penis to become longer.

The development of the male penis is the same as the development of other parts of the body. There is no fixed age to start or end, but in general, when the male reaches the late puberty (about 20 years old), the penis is fully developed. So it's difficult to grow longer and bigger after 20 years old. But there are indeed some products that can enhance your penis, such as UK brand Bathmate which specialises in enlargement pumps. Today we introduce HOT Penis Enlargement cream, a must try for readers who want their penis to grow bigger! HOT is an Austrian brand, but most of their products were made in Germany. The company has more than 20 years of history, with reliable quality and most products are made of natural ingredients. Its principle is to use natural plant extracts to awaken cavernous cells, thereby increasing blood circulation and achieving an increase in size.

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Our Intimate Product Advisor Beannie recommends that you use it once a day, apply the size of a soybean to the penis, and massage it from the root to the glans for five minutes. A 50ml volume can be used for about 20 days, and three tubes for 60 days (1 treatment). The most important thing is to insist on using it every day, do not give up halfway! Of course, the effect varies from person to person, and it may not be very useful for African Congolese friends, because according to statistics, Congolese men have the longest penis on average in the world, reaching 7.1 inches! The picture below is the average JJ size around the world, but the Chinese are only 4.3 inches? Although my experience is little, but I haven't seen Chinese JJ that are so short, may be you guys have  all used HOT Enlargement Cream? !

In fact, the length of the penis has little to do with having sex or satisfying women. The sensitive area of the female vagina, such as the G-spot, is located within 5-8 cm of the vaginal opening. As long as your pecker can be inserted there, you wouldn't have problem satifying your partner! However, I and my female friends generally believe that the length of boys isn't that important, but the hardness and thickness are still critical, and the requirements are harder and thicker. . . Haha, would you agree?

To make the penis harder and thicker, of course, there are ways. This time, let's introduce Joy Division Taurix Extra Strong Male Enhancement Cream. It is also a high-quality German product containing taurine and Muira Puama. It is used on the penis and the testicles. Valuable active substances can make a lot of blood flow into the genitals, make your penis more powerful and lasting, promote the blood circulation of the penis and testicles, stimulate strength of the erection, so you can enjoy better sex and great happiness. When using, apply proper amount on the penis and testicles, and gently absorb and massage.

These two products, one is an exercise-type enlargement cream, and the other is a practical combat type, which immediately becomes thicker and harder! Both are must-have for men who have concerns about their size and strength.

It is said that when a boy is over 25 years old, his sexual function will decline with age. By the age of thirty or forty, many people have a little erectile dysfunction, i.e. ED problem. If you have a similar problem, You must try the two products introduced this time, of course, the effect varies from person to person, but you must insist on using it for a while to see the effect!

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