As Valentine's Day approaches, this year's Lunar New Year collides with Valentine's Day. On this happy day, I'd like to introduces Orgie, a brand that is known for helping you to get horny and kinky. Adultloving will give away free trial testers to celebrate this great festive season. The deadline for the free trial package is February 28, 2021 or while stock lasts (whichever is earlier).

This time adultloving has chosen 5 samples for you to try out. Respectively:

Orgie She Spot

Orgie Sexy Vibe High Voltage

Orgie Orgasm Drops

Orgie The Secret 10 in1

Orgie Time Lag

Orgie uses a unique active principle and a formula from the Amazon rainforest. The product has been successfully sold in Brazil for more than ten years, and the formula has passed the test and approval of more than one million satisfied consumers. All Orgie products are made in Portugal. With Orgie, you can free yourself and increase your sense of pleasure.

1  Orgie She Spot

G-spot is characterized as an erogenous zone of the vagina which can lead to high levels of sexual arousal, intense orgasms and potential female ejaculation when stimulated.

It is reported to be located up the front vaginal wall between the vaginal canal and the urethra, being perhaps the most sensitive area of ​​female body.

She Spot has ingredients in its formula that stimulate the G-spot area making it even more sensitive, causing sensations that evolve during its activity time.

Dare to experience, or offer, unprecedented sensations with She Spot.

These are the main actives that deliver fabulous stimulating effects:

– The extraordinary Jambu, native from the Amazon rainforest, again stars in our formula with its powerful tingling vibrating action.

– Mentha Arvensis promotes excitement through its double effect, warmth which then evolves into coolness. This warm-up and cooling sensations, make Mentha a powerful G-Spot stimulator.

– Capsicum Frutescens also has a very important function in our formula: to prolong the warming effect, adding a mild piquancy that completes She Spot whirlwind of exciting sensations.

How to use

Apply a small amount at G-Spot and wait a few seconds for the effect.

We advise you to start with a minimal amount and, after assessing your sensitivity to the effects, increase or decrease the dose according to your sensitivity.

2  Orgie Sexy Vibe High Voltage

Exclusive and groundbreaking Orgie formulation for Europe, employing high-end raw materials. This exciting gel has a more concentrated dose of actives of plants from the Amazon and delivers an even more intense vibrating and tingling effect on intimate areas. Provides incredible orgasms and unprecedented pleasure sensations.

For him and for her.

3  Orgie Orgasm Drops

Exclusive and groundbreaking Orgie formulation for Europe, employing high-end raw materials. A dropper with an incredible formula to sensitize the clitoris! Orgasm Drops must be applied directly to the clitoris, one or two drops are enough to stimulate and increase the pleasure of the woman, providing moments of extreme pleasure.

4  Orgie The Secret 10 in 1 

The Secret was created especially for the female audience, it is the synthesis of functionality and seduction that combines everything a woman needs (and wishes!) in an unique and remarkable product. On top of all its sensual appeal, The Secret yet reveals 10 ( ten) reasons for you to always have yours: it is skin moisturizer, hair UV-protector, split end repairer, anti-frizz and detangling, protects the coloring, shiness, softness, body and volume of your hair; it has aphrodisiac scent, active pheromones and a delicate satin touch. Its formulation is made with active pheromones that will sharpen your powerful femininity inspired by an exotic sensuality. It has a satin touch that when applied on the body evokes the irresistible attraction of a second soft and scented skin.

5  Orgie Time Lag

To meet the demanding segment of products with the purpose of increasing the time and pleasure of the man, we developed a new desensitizing formula with natural ingredients and free of benzocaine, lidocaine and any other anesthetic.

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Each Package contains 5 testers:

Orgie Sample Number 1:

Orgie Orgasm Drops *3

Orgie She Spot G*2

Orgie Sample Number 2:

Orgie Orgasm Drops *2

Orgie Sexy Vibe High Voltage*2

Orgie Time Lag *1

Orgie Sample Number 3:

Orgie The Secret 10 in 1 *3

Orgie Sexy Vibe High Voltage*1

Orgie She Spot *1