Nene Yoshitaka was born on December 1, 1995. Her measurements are B84cm/W56cm/H85cm. Her hobbies are reading and coffee shop tours. Her blood type is O. With her sweet appearance and delicate temperament, her popularity has been rising since her debut in 2017. Let's first take a look at the appearance and packaging of this JAV Meiki vagina:

Nene Yoshitaka 超美味 吉高寧寧 名器飛機杯


After opening the box, it is also standard equipment, a cloned pussy and a 100ml bottle of lubricant.

The production of AV onahole is personally supervised by the actress Nene Yoshitaka, based on her own sexual organs and the results of constant meetings and discussions. And the final result is a beautifully cloned pussy with all her delicious taste!

Enjoy the sensual penetration. The bumps in the vagina will become more complicated as you go deeper. There is a uterus that can stimulate the penis in the deepest part. There are plenty of beautiful places waiting for you to fill. If you use the love liquid specially made for this vagina together, you will enjoy a more realistic feeling. Let's feel the super tasty realistic Nene Yoshitaka vagina!

Internal shape:

1 Wall: Stimulating the glans

8 Pearls: internal scrolling

3 continuous convex walls: insert stripes

G-spot: directly attack the front end of G spot

Uterus: swallow the entire glans

Packing size (mm): H198xW158xD87

Body size (mm): total length 155 / width 88

Weight 530g

Non-air release hole type masturbator toy

Comes with 100ml lubricant

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