The Meiki no Himitsu Secret Onahole features an immaculately designed inner hole, curving just right and filled with bumps and ribs. Stretchy and textured, the hefty masturbator incorporates a butt for extra levels of realism. The toy is awesome to use on its own, of course, but makers G-Project particularly recommend it for inserting into air dolls.

鬼滅之刃 飛機杯

G Project Meiki no Himitsu Secret Onahole

G Project Meiki no Himitsu Secret Onahole


Let's look at her spec:

• Super scalability

• Momochi material

• Size: 160×100×75mm

• Weight: 430 grams

• Including lubricant, storage bag

• Non-air release type Japanese anime onahole

• Made in Japan

As mentioned earlier, this toy can be put into air dolls, the front part is made relatively large. After picking it up, it has a slight taste and a little oily feeling. It belongs to the harder type of masturbator but still remains sufficient flexibility. The entrance hole is relatively thin, and the wavy design of the toy body is easy to hold by hand. The total length is about 16cm, the insertion length is about 14cm, and the weight is about 430 grams.

After opening the interior, I saw countless bumps waiting for everyone! Generally speaking, there are 5 parts. The first part has tentacles extending from outside to inside at the entrance, which is about 1cm at the beginning. Here G-Project designs a leak-proof feature. The second to fourth parts are connected into one body (13cm behind), divided into upper, middle and lower parts, etc. The uppermost part extends from the upper part to the downward tentacles, the middle part is a horizontal convex point, and the lower part is full of bumps. No matter if it goes deep into the side, you can feel the same thrill from the glans to the bottom of the stem. The last part is the deepest and lowest 360-degree bumps surrounding your glan in all directions!

This masturbator is a slow-playing type, suitable for men who suffer pre-mature ejaculation. You can slowly train your durability. Because the material is relatively hard, it lasts even longer!

鬼滅之刃 龜滅の八重歯 飛機膠

G Project The Secret of Meiki Onahole G Project The Secret of Meiki Onahole