New York City, home to the Statue of Liberty (is she holding a sex toy?), its city government of course will not control the brains of its citizens, but it is very concerned about the safety and happiness of their lower body. As early as the beginning of the epidemic of Covid-19, at the end of March, the city government has issued guidelines on sex and sexual behavior during the epidemic. Three months later, a new version has been updated. The content is very detailed, with a total of three pages. There is a download link at the end of this article. Here I will introduce the key points of the guidelines, by adding some local characteristics of Hong Kong, to which a "Hong Kong version" sex safety guidelines is here for your reference.

Covid Sex Guide HK

Principle 1:Rimming might spread the virus

Rimming is defined as "mouth on anus." Virus in feces may enter your mouth and could lead to infection.

Principle 2:You are your safest sex partner

The guidelines continue to emphasize that "You are your safest sex partner." That's because unless your genitalia are wandering around town without you, you typically know where they have been. Remember you can't get Covid-19 from masturbating alone. You can't give yourself Covid-19 if you don't already have the virus. So, no need to wear a mask during masturbation unless that's your thing. Just make sure that you wash your hands, your sex toys, your remote control, your keyboard, your touch screen, your step-stool, your plastic llama, and anything else that may be involved with your masturbation with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after sex.

Principle 3:the next safest partner is someone you live with

Hong Kong is a small place. Many couples may not live together, and sex may not necessarily be at home. They often have to visit love hotels. We urge hoteliers to establish a star rating system for their sex safety measurements. A 2-star hotel could have 6-star sex safety level. Don't meet and make love with strangers or netizens you just met in dating apps. The guidelines add that if you must have sex with someone other than the person you live with, be sure to choose someone you trust and try to limit the number of sex partners!

Principle 4:Questions to ask before you hook up with someone

It turns out that Americans do have sex before they understand each other. The guidelines specifically state that to reduce the risk of viral infections, you must conduct some simple conversation with the other party before sex, ask if the other party has the disease, whether they have been tested, and whether they have travel records. If the answer is not good, please leave immediately!

Principle 5:Wear a mask during sex

Hong Kong people do better than Americans, and wearing masks have reached consensus. But don't know how many Hong Kong people wear masks when they have sex? The guidelines specifically point out that if you wear a face mask, you may not hear your partner saying "Oh, Baby, Baby...", etc. through a mask, consider bringing some signs that you can raise periodically. Make sure that the signs aren't too large or heavy like road construction signs.

Principle 6:Use condoms or dental dams to reduce contact with saliva or poo

。。。needless to say, if you don't have these items, buy them at adultloving。。。

Principle 7:Meet sex partners online 

According to the guidelines, consider taking a break from in-person dates. Video dates, sexting, subscription-based fan platforms, sexy Zoom parties or chat rooms may be options for you. Just make sure that you enter the right Zoom session at the right time. Mixing up a sexy Zoom party with a board meeting or job interview could be problematic.

Principle 8:Sex Parties 

The guidelines require citizens to choose venues with better air circulation, wear masks, bring alcohol hand sanitizers when engaging in sex parties, and do not invite too many people. It is best to be acquaintances. The development of sex parties in Hong Kong is very lagging behind. It is recommended that Party Room operators should actively explore this market.

Principle 9:Don't have sex! Mutual masturbation while physical distancing 

I firmly disagree with this. Obviously this is a guide to making love. If you are alone, masturbation is OK. But with your partner(s), just mutual mastubation is against the concept of the guidelines!

So the "Hong Kong version" sex safety guidelines should read: Mutual masturbation while physical distancing before having SEX!

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