Oral sex is the most common part of sexual behavior. Some people think that it is one of the foreplays that must be done in sex. Oral sex can definitely reflect the trust and love of both parties. When the love is strong, it is not pleasant to kiss each other's sexual organs! Oral sex can make the other person reach orgasm, but if you don't know the right way of doing oral sex, you will get sick from the mouth in minutes! We will sort out a few things that you must pay attention to in oral sex this time:


Pay Attention to Wound


Before performing oral sex, make sure that there are no wounds in the mouth and tongue. Many people think that you will not get STDs through oral sex, studies have pointed out that although the chance of getting AIDS from oral sex is relatively small, there is still a chance of contracting other venereal diseases, such as syphilis and gonorrhea. The reason is that the bacteria in the oral cavity are actually much more than the bacteria in the sexual organs. If the oral mucosa is not broken, the bacteria will stay on the surface of the mucosa, and then if the bacteria are found After reaching the wound, it will take the opportunity to penetrate into the wound and cause infection, so make sure that there are no wounds on the oral cavity and sexual organs before oral sex.



As mentioned above, there are more bacteria in the oral cavity than in the lower body, so before oral sex, you should use mouthwash or brush your teeth to minimize the amount of bacteria in the oral cavity (and it will not eliminate the bacteria 100%), and then perform oral sex. Be safer. Many people feel that there is a psychological barrier to help each other's oral sex, because the sex organs are the place where they urinate. They may smell of urine or are not clean. In addition, there is a good chance of sweating when being outdoors for a long time. Before oral sex, you must wash your body. But what if sex starts suddenly, or is it time to go to a place to clean the private parts?

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Except that the left lower body may have a peculiar smell, even if the mouth is clean, there may be residual breath. At this time, adding an "Orgie WoW Oral Sex Spray" can solve the problem. "Made from menthol and eucalyptus, Wow! Bucal oral sex spray simulates the feeling of using eucalyptus candies (such as Halls gum) for oral sex. Oral sex using menthol and eucalyptus gum is very popular in many parts of the world. The recipient brings a unique feeling and pleasure. Wow! Before driving your partner crazy, you should spray Bucal oral spray for a few seconds! Have a wonderful oral sex!"

Foreign Particles

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Some people will spread jam or food on the sex organs during oral, so it is easy to get the sex organs infected. Apart from the odor problem mentioned above, some people may feel that oral sex is nauseous, and other sweet smells must be used to disperse the discomfort. Although it is not recommended to use jams and other items, you can use oral sex liquid to assist. For example, "Orgie edible lubricating fluid": Feel the sweet love experience, use natural ingredients to extract plant extracts that are compatible with the skin, naturally refreshing and making you feel more at ease. In addition to its sweetness, it is water-soluble and easier to clean than jams. It is safer and edible. It can also be used as a lubricating fluid.

Another common foreign particle is pubic hair. Pubic hair is actually as good as it is. It is important to protect our sexual organs. It can prevent foreign bodies from invading, reduce friction during sex, and keep warm, etc. We don't recommend that you shave your pubic hair, but it's a good idea if you trim it properly!


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The last is also the most important step, which requires cleaning afterwards. Because you may mix a lot of saliva during oral sex, there are actually a lot of bacteria in your saliva, plus the secretions from your sex organs, if you don't clean it, you have a high chance of getting infected.