All About 0.01mm Condoms

The 0.01mm condom currently on the market is the world's thinnest condom. The 0.01mm concept is thinner than human hair. 0.01mm condoms are currently produced by 2 brands, Sagami and Okamoto. I believe everyone will know these two brands, but because Japanese brands are not exporting 0.01mm condoms to other countries. Therefore, basically, large retailers in Hong Kong will not be able to sell. If you want to buy, come to !!

PS. Recently, they appeared in large chain stores in Hong Kong (updated on October 1, 2018)

All About 0.01mm Condoms

4 types of 0.01mm condoms

First of all, let's talk about Sagami 0.01mm condom, white box packaging. After opening, you will see 5 condoms, 1 manual and 1 questionnaire. The packaging on the sleeve is printed with the words SAGAMI ORIGINAL 0.01. The packaging design of the box is the same as the packaging design of the traditional condom. This design system will hurt the condom. Because the condom of traditional packaging design has the opportunity to tear the condom when tearing the packaging of the condom, SAGAMI's tallow box design department is worthy of praise. After opening the left package, I felt a lot of lubricant sleeves on my hands. There is a sperm storage position on the top. Remember to bring it to the actual position when you bring it. If you are shooting, you will shoot through the left sleeve because of too much pressure. In addition to the praise of the left butter box, another wild line is worthy of praise. After opening the box, as long as you hold the sperm storage position and place it directly above the glans, you can directly set the sunburn position. It's super convenient to wear it as soon as you lift it. The SAGAMI 0.01mm condom has a diameter of 36mm and a length of about 17CM, which fully meets the size of Asians.









Okamoto 0.01mm condom. There are a total of 3 new models of 0.01mm, standard, plus size, and the latest new member-0.01mm Hydra condom. Compared with the other two 0.01mm condoms, more lubricating fluid is left on the sleeve, which will cause the wearing problem caused by over-drying. Many people have said that Okamoto standard condoms are relatively small in size, so Okamoto has launched a plus size to meet the market.


When you open the 0.01mm standard version, there are only three black-packed 0.01mm condoms in the box, with a manual embedded in it. But in fact, only three packs are used, a large box is used, and the weight is very light. Many guests will ask if they are empty boxes. Like the SAGAMI 0.01mm condom, the top has semen storage positions.  In terms of thickness, Okamoto is thinner than SAGAMI, and the Japanese version of Okamoto's propaganda system is uniform 0.01mm from top to bottom. The diameter is 36mm. Okamoto's 0.01mm sleeves are printed with the male side, as long as the sleeve is torn open and the male side is facing the glans according to the instructions of the channel, it can be directly inserted.




Large size 0.01MM condoms, the words are large, and the points will be larger than the standard version. But the actual measurement, the diameter is almost the same as the standard version, are about 36-38MM, but after wearing the left to know first, the more the bottom will be the more. So if your member is big, use plus size.




The 0.01mm hydrating condom obviously feels that there is a lot of lubricating fluid on the top, and the size is the same 36mm. Many people will ask, can condoms be thin and easy to wear? In fact, all condoms will go through a lot of tests. If the quality is unsatisfactory, they will be sold on the market first. But the illusion of many people is tied, thin condoms are easy to wear. Pull-through is actually a question of the thickness of the condom, and it is about the degree of lubrication. Imagine that under any lubrication, iron pillars will slowly become friction and become needles. However, if there is lubrication, the spot mill will easily become a needle because the left friction force is reduced. By the same token, if there is not enough lubrication during the sex process, even the thickest sleeves will be worn. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use lubricating fluid or condoms with higher moisture content to assist in sex during sex.