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Tenga Bobble Magic Marbles Masturbation Toy

Tenga Bobble Magic Marbles Masturbation Toy
Tenga Bobble Magic Marbles Masturbation Toy
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  • Tenga   型號 977819
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How much more mileage can we get out of masturbation toys? A lot! That's the answer, it seems, if you work at Tenga, the most innovative adult brand not just in Japan, but the whole world. It has once again proved its prowess with the design for its latest line of masturbators: the Bobble series. The Tenga Bobble Magic Marbles features integrated marble-like orbs that conjure up awesome stimulation when you rub your penis over them, thanks to their special folds and textures. The twin gels of the stroker toy offer a unique fusion of soft and pliant sensations, meaning the toy is easy to squeeze, stretch, and pull. Manipulate the material to just the degree of tightness and angle you want, feeling the contours of the marbles pressing down on your cock every time you grip. You can even turn the whole sleeve inside out, making it always very simple to clean and maintain your toy.

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