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SM for Beginners

Do you know SM?

Many people consider BDSM perverted, dehumanizing, or worse. But aficionados call it the most loving, nurturing, intimate form of human contact and play. People can have sex without conversation, negotiation, or any emotional connection. But in BDSM, the players always arrange things in advance with clear, intimate communication, which creates a special erotic bond.

The full name of SM is BDSM, BD: bondage discipline, SM: sado-masochism. The ancient Greek art Kama Sutra (300 AD) has portrayed the scenes of BDSM's fun spanking. In the 18th century Europe, some brothels were dedicated to whipping and other "punishments", and "dominant" women were willing to "obey" Men "service." In modern society, when people find that ordinary sex can't satisfy their desires and turn to find new stimuli in SM, SM has been developing rapidly. In the United States, about 5 million adult men and women have long-term SM experience. There are many dedicated SM apps to help players pair the right partners. In Japan, restraint and bondage have become an art. The interaction between the dominant and the submissive is like performing a stage play. It is an intimate emotional exchange and a visual art creation.

SM for Beginners organize regular Beginner SM workshops in our stores. The aim is to introduce you to the real SM concept and help kick start the fun.  Professional female tutor will guide you through basic bondage technique. It is about 40 minutes per session and is free of charge.  But we do hope that participants can buy some SM products and  practice at home.  Anyone with an interest in SM, lovers and couples are also welcome. After attending at least two workshops and having mastered the correct concepts and basic skills, the tutor will recommend the students to join the private SM group. In the group, you can make many new like-minded friends and participate in the group events. Act now, a new and exciting sex life is waiting for you!

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