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NPG AV Mini Meiki Suzume Mino Onahole

NPG AV Mini Meiki Suzume Mino Onahole
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  • NPG   型號 139007
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The Mini Meiki Suzume Mino Onahole boasts a unique mottled exterior that pays tribute to the Japanese porn star's soft, pale skin. The compact pocket pussy is just the right size for gripping in one hand and fucking hard. The vagina curves just right, letting you push deep and explore the sensations of the walls rubbing against your manhood's entire shaft. Suzume Mino's secret weapon is the "double fin" located inside her vagina, which is waiting to work its magic on your cock. The masturbator toy is also very stretchy, so you pull and squeeze it to extract the tightest possible fit.

NPG AV Mini Meiki Suzume Mino Onahole - Adult Loving


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