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Meiki no Syoumei File Shoko Takahashi Onahole

Meiki no Syoumei File Shoko Takahashi Onahole
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Shoko Takahashi used to be gravure idol Shoko Takasaki before she was reborn into one of the most successful adult video stars in Japan right now. You've already seen her porn and nude shoots, but have you experience her clone onahole toy? You can now, thanks to the Meiki no Syoumei File Shoko Takahashi AV Star Onahole. The latest in Nippori Gift's bestselling series of masturbators that replicate the pussies of top porn stars, so that anyone can enjoy the intimate sensation of penetrating them. Shoko Takahashi's pussy is here recreated in a hefty, incredibly realistic toy. Slide yourself into Shoko and feel her tight pussy grip your member on all sides as you push deeper into the spiralling love tunnel.


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Enjoy the very best part of Eimi Fukada in your hand, thanks to the Immediate Service from a Maid Eimi Fukada Onahole. With this toy, which clone..
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