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Japanese Real Hole Honoka Tsujii Masturbator

Japanese Real Hole Honoka Tsujii Masturbator
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The Japanese Real Hole Honoka Tsujii Masturbator is more than just a tribute to the top Japanese adult video star, it's a veritable paean to her amazing pussy. Forget all the vaginas you have previously known and tried. Honoka's exists at a whole other level, one that is ready to pamper, squeeze, and stimulate your penis from the jump. Coming with lubricant and an autographed photograph, the quality of this masturbator puts most other porn star clone toys to shame. While she might be most famous for her massive pair of breasts, Honoka Tsujii's vagina is a masterpiece of the female body, lovingly recreated here in carefully rendered detail that the star herself oversaw directly.

From the delicate texture of the outer skin to the cute shape of the labia and clitoris, your hands will roam far and wide over the exterior of the toy. But inside is where the true fun begins: boasting a gentle S curve that accommodates the full length of your penis, this six-inch pussy tickles all over your member with the tiny bumps near the entrance, and then ups the ante with the thicker folds deeper inside, and clinches the deal with a ringed section that guides you into the snug uterus pocket at the far end. As your glans pushes up against the walls of her uterus, the textures tease and stroke until you have to release your payload.

Japanese Real Hole Honoka Tsujii Masturbator - Adult Loving


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