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Toy Maintenance

Proper maintenance is essential for any toy to ensure long-lasting use. After use, it is important to store toys properly and avoid placing them in direct sunlight or damp environments.

The Dry Stick Standard and Stand Set includes a highly absorbent keisodo (diatomite or diatomaceous earth)..
HK$ 98.00
Dry Stick Uterus Diatomite For Onaholes
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The Dry Stick Uterus is a handy drying stick for maintaining your pocket pussy toys. The stick ends in a r..
HK$ 68.00
The Dry Stick Spiral is a highly absorbent keisodo (diatomite or diatomaceous earth) item for drying deep ..
HK$ 68.00
The Dry Stick Standard is a highly absorbent stick for drying deep inside your masturbator toys, thanks to..
HK$ 58.00
The Lotion Heating System is a lubricant warmer that ensures sex and masturbation always feels pleasant. B..
HK$ 268.00
The UV-C Onahole Warmer is here to ensure your pocket pussy toys are just the right temperature deep inside, while a..
HK$ 498.00
What's the secret to having a better, longer-lasting collection of masturbator toys? Maintenance, maintenance, maint..
HK$ 358.00
Perfect for killing any germs and bacteria on your sex toys, masks, and other small objects, the UV Clean Steri..
HK$ 598.00
The Toy's Heart Onahole Maintenance Kit contains all the basic tools you need to keep your onahole clean a..
HK$ 198.00
Onahole Warmer and Diatomaceous Earth Stick Set Onahole Warmer and Diatomaceous Earth Stick Set
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The Onahole Warmer and Diatomaceous Earth Stick Set is the perfect partner to your masturbator collection...
HK$ 198.00
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Masturbator maintenance is important if you want to use your toys for a long time. While you should certainly wash y..
HK$ 128.00