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Sex lubricant

Sex lubricant is a type of lubricant specifically designed for sexual intercourse. Its texture is usually thicker, providing a smoother and more natural lubricating effect, reducing discomfort and friction. The ingredients of sex lubricant are typically gentle, avoiding irritation or discomfort to the skin or mucous membranes, and providing long-lasting lubrication. Additionally, it usually has a higher viscosity and richer texture, increasing the sense of pleasure and stimulation during sex. Sex lubricant is suitable for use in various situations, such as sexual intercourse, masturbation, or using sex toys, and is a choice for enhancing sexual pleasure and comfort.

Popular Zero One Lubricant introduces a new wet type with excellent stretchability!Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid N..
HK$ 98.00
The renowned "Okamoto 001" has launched its lubricant!We place particular emphasis on "ease of use". Many users ofte..
HK$ 98.00
The Okamoto brand presents its Collagen Moisturizing Lubricant Gel, unveiling the allure of Okamoto 001's original J..
HK$ 75.00
Have you ever experienced discomfort or pain during intercourse, found it difficult to get wet, making sex a painful..
HK$ 118.00
Play and Joy Hot Lubricant Maca is Experience the treasure of Peru, Maca, designed to rejuvenate energy, relieve str..
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Play and Joy Silky Lubricant Green Tea is elevate your intimate moments with the unique scent of green tea and jasmi..
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Play and Joy Aqua Lubricant Freesia is tailored specifically for women, offering an intimate moisturizing experience..
HK$ 89.00
Elevate your intimate moments with royal comfort. The Play and Joy "Chai Proverbs" lubricant features the natural an..
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Experience the close-fitting sensation of a young girl's contraction and tremble, with a snug and narrow design for ..
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Taiwanese brand Nan Hun new product Intimate Lubrication Capsules for Women - Blow can make sex more comfortable and..
HK$ 148.00
Taiwanese brand Nan Hun new product Intimate Lubrication Capsules for Women - Tide can make sex more comfortable and..
HK$ 148.00
In the pursuit of utmost care, we have crafted a lubricant that incorporates the finest medical-grade ingredients, d..
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