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Latex condoms

Latex condoms are a type of contraceptive made from latex that can prevent both sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. They are one of the most common types of condoms due to their elasticity and durability. They also have excellent protective properties and can help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections. It is important to ensure the quality and expiration date of the latex condoms before use, and to follow proper usage guidelines. Choosing the appropriate size and type is also crucial for optimal protection.

The long-awaited new product "Melty" is born from Glamorous Butterfly! The combination of our proprietary Melty Jell..
HK$ 69.00
Being the thinnest 0.03mm latex condom (measured by Jex company), it is like wearing nothing at all. And it'll surpr..
HK$ 78.00
Jex Moist Type Latex Condom Large Size 8pcs, wrapped in gentle moisture with moisturizing gel, safe even for the fir..
HK$ 58.00
Jex Super Hold Type Latex Condom 8pcs, Fit design to bring closer contact!31 mm in diameter: High quality jelly lubr..
HK$ 58.00
Condoms made by Mister Size provide a safe and natural feeling. The comfort and the sensual intensity is very highly..
HK$ 298.00
Inheriting the ultra-thin craftsmanship of Zero Zero Three, this product is added with aloe vera lubricant. After to..
HK$ 98.00
The Japanese version of Okamoto makes the best fit Mega Big Boy XL condoms, 46mm diameter large tight condoms. A com..
HK$ 98.00
Success the popularity of Okamoto Zero Zero Three, ultra fine latex condom technology, this item now uses 0.5% of "S..
HK$ 128.00
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When looking for cute patterns to put on condom wrappings, what would be more appropriate than cute cats? The O..
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