As mentioned in my last blog, choosing a suitable vibrating egg can help you easily achieve orgasm. For those of you who haven't read the previous article, please click: Choose the right vibration egg to help you achieve orgasm!

If you don't care the price tag, it is not recommended to buy vibrating eggs made in Japan, those quality is far lower than their counterparts from Europe and America. Having said that, the quality of Japanese products has been improved in recent years. (The price has also increased too). Though vibrating eggs under 200 HK Dollars can make you orgasm, most of them are made of PVC, which is relatively gluey to the touch. It may also be uncomfortable to put into the fragile skin of the vagina. High-quality vibrating eggs are usually made of silicone, but silicones have good and bad ones too. If the manufacturer specifically stated that their silicone used in the toy is top grade, it is more reliable. For example, the American ZALO brand emphasizes the use of "Dow Corning Silicone" in all of their sex toys. Dow Corning is the world's largest manufacturer of organic silicon products. With the right materials, the product quality is naturally guaranteed.

Zalo Temptation

The rapid development of high-tech has changed the use of sex toys, and the functions of the products are unprecedented. Ordinary remote controls are no longer a selling point. Now many sex toys (including vibrating eggs) can be controlled by mobile APPS via Bluetooth, and the distance between the mobile phone and the product is within 10 meters. If you can connect to your mobile phone, via Internet couples who are far away apart can remotely control the vibrating eggs or vibrators. You can also activate video calls to enjoy cyber sex in a long-distance relationship!

The most important function of the vibrating egg of course, is vibration. Most vibrating eggs have about 10 modes of vibration. The cheaper ones may have only 1-3 frequencies (that is, from weak, medium to strong), and the more expensive ones may have 12 frequencies (in addition to the three, the 4th frequency will jump at different levels). Some products even claimed to have more than 100 frequencies, in fact, there are two buttons on the vibrating egg. One button is used to switch the strength of 10 vibrations, and the other button is used to adjust 10 different  frequencies. So it becomes 100 different variations. But many people simply stay tuned to their favorite two or three modes to get excited.

Somatosensory remote control is an innovative feature in recent years.If you move the remote control, the vibrating egg will have different frequency changes. When you place the remote control horizontally, the vibration egg will not vibrate, but if you move it slightly, the vibration egg will change according to the inclination of the remote control. Product such as the Zalo Amour has this function.

An alternative is the Canadian We-vibe's newly launched somatosensory vibe We-vibe Chorus. The more you squeeze the remote control, the stronger the vibration, and when you slowly release the remote, the vibration will weaken. The squeeze design of the We-Vibe is really good. Suppose you play solo, when you are about to orgasm, your body tends to twitch and you'd want to vigorously grasp the remote control in your hand. At the same time, the We-vibe Chorus will vibrate more strongly and help you reach orgasm instantly. If you are not using the remote, you can also control it with mobile App like shaking your phone: the greater the shaking power, the greater the vibration intensity of the Chorus!

we-vibe chorus vibrator

In addition to shaking the phone, the mobile App can remotely control via sound and screen. You may play music or videos on your phone. The stronger the sound, the stronger the vibration and vice versa. You may also draw some lines on the screen: the higher the line is drawn, the stronger the vibration will be. This feature is now only available for sex toys from big brands such as Satisfyer, We-vibe and Zalo. Please refer to mobile App controlled sex toys

But don't forget the two basic requirements of vibrating eggs: waterproofness and battery life. Cheaper toys are only splash-proof and can be cleaned under the faucet. The remote controls of the wired vibrating egg usually have a waterproof ring at the place where the battery is inserted to block the splash during cleaning. For most wireless products, the remote is not waterproof, because you don't put the remote control in your body. So for cleaning the remote control, you can wipe it with a wet tissue. For mid-to-high-ended products, the manufacturer will indicate the IPX waterproof rating. IPX is an international standard of waterproofness, with a total of nine grades ranging from 0-8. Generally, those above IPX6 are called completely waterproof and can be used in water (shower). Keep in mind if the vibrating egg is not marked as IPX waterproof, it is only splash-proof.

PxPxP Rotor 9

The following is a list of IPX7 waterproof vibrating eggs of excellent quality:

PPP Street Rotor 9 Vibrator

PPP Dildo Rotor 9

Zalo Amour

Zalo Amour

In terms of battery life, the power supply is often divided into disposable battery and rechargeable battery. Generally, the Japanese brands often use disposable batteries while most European and American brands use rechargeable batteries. The rechargeable battery lasts about 1-2 hours after being fully charged for 1-2 hours as well. 1-2 hours of playtime is more than enough for you to have a few orgasms. 

You may find that the shape of vibrating eggs is not necessarily oval. SSI JAPAN has produced many different shapes, including small, G-spot and tentacles etc. The different shapes can stimulate various body parts, such as the vagina, the clitoris, G-spot or the nipples, such as Toys Heart's Fuwari vibrating egg  and Zalo Amour

The following is our list of best choices for dummies, if you find it hard to choose:

1. Low price and High water resistance!

PPP Street Rotor 9 Waterproof Vibrator

2. Low price and High quality!

Erocome UrsaMinor Vibrating Egg

3. Cute design, strong vibration!

12 Love Rotor

4. Somatosensory remote control, cute design, strong waterproof!

Zalo Amour

5. Luxurious design, high quality, somatosensory remote control!

Lelo Lyla 2

ZALO Baby Heart

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ZALO baby heart